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  • Allen alumnus recites 70k digits of Pi, creates Guinness Record.

    Rajveer Singh Meena (26), a resident of Mohacha village, Sawai
    Madhopur district, Rajasthan, entered the Guinness Book of World Records by
    reciting 70,000 digits of the value of Pi, the mathematical constant that
    starts with 3.14 and defines the ratio between a circle’s circumference &
    its diameter.

    Rajveer is an alumnus of Allen Career Institute, where he
    studied in 2007-08 and later completed his B. Tech in Biotechnology from
    Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). Currently, he is preparing for his UPSC

    Rajveer broke the previous record held by Lu Chao, of China,
    who had recited 67,890 digits of the value of Pi in 24 hours & 7 minutes in
    2005. He took only 9 hours, 27 minutes & 37 seconds for his recitation, while
    blindfolded, making it the fastest recitation as well. The attempt took place
    at an event, ‘Most Pi Places Memorized’, held at VIT, Vellore in March this
    year. The record was achieved in the presence of 38 judges – 18 official
    witnesses and 20 professors and representatives of the media, NGOs & other organizations,
    claimed Rajveer.

    At a ceremony held in VIT on 24th October,
    Rajveer was awarded with the Guinness Book of World Records Certificate by the
    Chancellor of VIT University, Dr. G. Vishwanathan, in the presence of C.
    Rangarajan, ex-Governor, RBI & Debhasish Chatterjee, Executive Vice President,
    Cognizant Technology Solutions.

    Rajveer also holds the record for reciting the maximum
    digits of the value of Pi at the India level, with the Limca Book of Records. He
    also has two more records with Limca Book of Records under his belt: Memorizing
    1,125 random digits in 1 hour in 2011, and memorizing 3,000 digits in 4 hours,
    28 minutes & 23 seconds in 2012.

    Brajesh Maheshwari, Director, Allen Career Institute, Kota, said
    that it was a matter of pride for them that a boy from Rajasthan achieved the
    feat of breaking an international record.

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