All new PaGaLGuY Beta 2014

It has been just under 2 years since our last major design update. We had focused on making PaGaLGuY a more social experience. Today it is time again to step up on the experience to make PG faster, useful and friendly.

As much as we have changed a few things dramatically we have kept the core of PaGaLGuY (the puy) as the center of the experience. You’ll notice things are faster, smoother, cleaner and more importantly focused on the act of discussions.

Public Service Announcement:

1) Beta is unstable software, 20% of the features are not complete and we are working on it all the time to improve it.

2) The following items haven’t been ported over yet, but will be done before the final launch. They are: Badges & Ranks, Reporting Posts, Edit/Delete Posts, Mod Features, Private Message data, Ability to change avatars.

3) Please try to break the site and send us the reports using the ‘Report’ button on the left-hand side of any page on the beta site. We have setup one way content streaming from PG to the beta site but not the reverse. So every post on PG shows up on the beta. But the testing you do on beta doesn’t show up here.

So here you go:

Welcome to the brand new beta at:

Please tell us what you think about the new beta at : Beta thread