All I never wanted to speak about CAT

At the onset I shall tell you, this is a rant, but a meaningful one. I am your run of the mill underachiever, trudging along just by skill and minimal effort. When my friends joined a coaching institute, I trudged along, didn’t find it to my liking. Did research for the first time in my life. ? . Joined another. I always enjoyed my IIT prep days ( NOT an IITian) and CAT let me know that this will be another chance to glory. I ran full steam, with a fair share of diversion, but kept the ship steady mostly. D-day came and went , just like many others. ( I have a very ‘take it lite’ attitude). Result day came, I felt bad, not because it was not good, but because it was not satisfactory. I shouldn’t be sad. I am 20. I have a life to look forward to. It is not my loss that I am not called, because you don’t judge a good manager by his school scores or his gender or whether he is an intergalactic space ranger or not. ( maybe that would not cut it too). But one thing I want to say is, CAT is not something to be revered. My sole aim in life for any given time shouldn’t be to crack an exam, it should be to enjoy life. I am pretty sure that given my aptitude( I am proud of it), I shall do something great not good in life. CAT gave me another reason.

Bottom line – It is not my loss, it is theirs. I rather feel lucky to not join the rat race to bell the CAT and there on. My desire is to be a good manager not to study in a college. I measure happiness in moments not in bank balance. I am not idealistic , I am just your friendly neighbourhood prick. I am smart and I know it. A system with a random algorithm doesn’t judge you or me. If you feel good you are.

P.S – I never quit. I haven’t quit my quest to success because IIMs are a means to achieving success, not success itself.

P.P.S – Keep calm and carry on. ?