All B-schools are the same

Last year at this point of time (2nd Nov ) I was busy having a gala time attempting CAT (first time of my life). I never thought how life at a b school would be and where do I see myself in 10 years time. I was having a fun year out of studies , studying whatever I wish to and whenever I wish to, yes by fun means I used to hang with friends too. Now one year down the line after joining an MBA school ,I began to wonder whats the difference between students from Xavier, symbiosis, IIM, IIT and other college(all are same). I went to few colleges and talked with students of many colleges. Yes I would conclude that all colleges are same.

Work ex people act the same way,freshers do the same things ,all the clubs committees and examz(quizes) , the SIP , the finals, the cv rounds, those confession pages and most of all the heartbreaks

So now what to do!!!!

Ball is in your court, Bro!! Either hit it for six or sell it.

Rules of this game is simple markets are always going to be up or down, top recruiters are ready to pay good money if you can prove you are good. They wont recruit you ,if you are bad , no matter which school you have studied from or even if they take you (be on guard one mistake and you ll be booted out)

You ask me how to live life in a b school, I would suggest do it the way my friend says, ” work very very hard, party even harder “. Just enjoy these two years , become smart and add few qualities in yourself that will make you useful to others. You have to live with yourself for the next 60 years either you can live it or go out there and sell it(I m taking marketing specialization , you ll understand soon when you start your MBA)

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