Agarkar approached Sachin to Kickstart GCC Galli Cricket with Cosco

Ajit Agarkar recently announced his retirement from all forms of cricket which was quite a surprise since most forms of cricket had presumed it long before. A day after the announcement, he has approached another cricketer whose similarities with Agarkar start and end at their same retirement month, Aila yes, Sachin Tendulkar. Agarkar reached out to Sachin to pitch his Lalit Modi level idea of a new tournament, GCC- Galli Cricket with Cosco.

“Honestly, We are short of balls to touch anything but Bat & Ball. I agree that I was even short of bowling skills but thanks to Gajani level memory of our nation, it somehow worked out for all these years. Sachin may well be considered God but in any alternate profession, one has to continuously speak and frankly, he does not really posses the voice for it. All these years, his actions have been speaking much louder than his words eventually saving his ass bigtime” – Agarkar explained and prayed at the same time.

Pagal News approached Sachin for his views on Ajit’s over optimistic idea :

“Actually, It took me a while to recognise Ajit. First I thought, it’s Ajit Wadekar on phone but then I realised, Mr Wadekar is too old to have any fresh ideas. Now that I know, Galli cricket sounds appealing to me for varied reasons:

I will be able to play alongside my son, I am sure Nation wants to see that.

Owing to less pressure, I will keep my ass mostly static instead of the infamous bumpy motion.

I will finally get to know how Pakistanis practiced all these years.

Agarkar is planning to approach other players but not before Sachin’s consent is in place. He claims that other players will stick tighter than Fevicol.

Brief that has been finalized, Galli cricket will be played simultaneously in different streets across the nation. Smaller towns are likely to see more action due to lack of roads in most Metro towns including the capital of the country.

Officially, It will be India’s first Street Sport festival after Holi. Each match will have at least 6 local players from nearby colonies developing local talent for bigger streets. Their respective moms may role play as Cheerleaders, family audience costumes are positively arranged for.

As expected, Ravi Shastri was over-excited to hear this development. He reacted with the same old lame comment that has already been over utilized with IPL i.e. It does not get bigger than this.

We now have doubts on what bigness exactly does he keep mentioning about, sound something personal to us.

For Sponsors, Pepsi officials were found jumping on their seats after hearing the idea. Apparently, they love anything to do with Indian streets & malnourished kids. Campaign tag line has been proposed – “Like We Said, Change-d The Game.”

More Details Soon!