After North Korea, Arindam Chaudhuri to get a Kim Jong-un hairdo; blames summer heat for the move

Summers in North India have begun with a historical development, with renowned management guru Arindam Chaudhuri announcing he’d be getting rid of his long hair for a Kim Jong-un haircut. Chaudhuri cited unrelenting summer heat as the reason behind the move.

Addressing a press conference, Chaudhuri said, “I was planning to cut my hair short since last year, owing to the constant itching I have to put up with in summers. But I was unable to zero-in on any possible hairdo having the same appeal as the one I currently have. I’m glad that honourable Kim Jong-un’s decree coincided with my desire. I heartily thank him for the brilliant idea!”

Soon after it became clear that the lanky pony-style would be replaced with shaved-sides, ahead-of-the-trend, high-top fade haircut, there was a flutter in the street as to who the lucky barber would be, to do the honours. An astute Arindam seemed to have taken care of that as well. Chaudhury’s PA made it clear that there’d be a standard procedure for the selection.

“For the Management Messiah he is, Arindam sir has devised a detailed and competitive approach to select the lucky barber. There would first be a Barbers’ Test—the notification of which would be published online and also in all the leading newspapers of the country—which would test the applicants on basis of their hair-cutting skills, apart from aptitude and general awareness. The shortlisted candidates would then have to go through a group discussion, followed by a round of personal interview, the panel for which would be headed by star-stylist Javed Habib. Detailed information could be had from the IIPM website,” the PA informed the media.

But the story does not end here, with Chaudhuri considering the option to auction the hair, and use the money to provide free laptops to IIPM students.

“Charity begins at home!” he quoted.

Meanwhile female fans of Arindam are disappointed with the decision, apparently wanting Chaudhuri not to lose his macho look, capable of making any woman swoon severely. They have also argued that long hair gives them an assurance that he has a soft corner for the woman community.

“We plan to start a nation-wide signature campaign thus persuading Andy to reconsider his decision,” said Aditi, a die-hard follower of Arindam Chaudhuri.

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