Admissions Q&A : IESE Business School

How would you describe the IESE Experience?

Transformative! IESE’s MBA helps prepare you for global business, fosters leadership abilities and helps develop your true potential in a well-rounded way.

What are the most important factors that Indian students should keep in mind for their application?

They should ask themselves:

1. Why do you want to invest your time, money and effort in an MBA at IESE? i.e. what is your real motivation for an MBA and IESE.

2. Are your expectations alligned with reality? Have you spoken / interacted directly with the MBA Admissions’ team or any Istudents or alumni? If not, you may be missing important information.

3. What are your career goals post-MBA in the short and long-term? Speak to business professionals in roles you are considering to understand the real job context.

4. Are you prepared financially and aware of the loan options available to finance the program?

What is the process after a candidate submits an application?

After we receive a complete online application, a pre-committee reviews it and decides whether or not to interview the candidate. Usually about 25% of Indian applicants get an interview call. Interviews are held in person by an Admissions Committee member travelling to India or by Video conference. We do not do telephone interviews.

Those that pass the interview are invited to an Assessment Day (candidates can go to Singapore or Barcelona for this.) During the Assessment we evaluate interpersonal abilities to gain a fuller picture of applicants.

We then review all shortlisted candidates. Those that have attended an Assessment Day usually get a final decision within a week.

What are the scholarships available for international students?

We award scholarships both on a “merit” and “need” basis. Historically nearly 70% of scholarships are allocated during R1 and R2, with between 20-30 students awarded scholarships each year.

Are there any advantages for students who apply early (in Round 1)?

Yes, there are several:

i) Let’s say you took the GMAT and got a low score. If you apply early and we like your overall profile, we can give you a decision which says “Waitlist-Improve GMAT”. This means we are saving a spot for you on the MBA Program and you can retake the GMAT over the next month or so and improve it.

For later rounds this option isn’t available as you don’t have time to retake the GMAT, so you will get a denied admission decision!

ii) Your chances for scholarships are much higher if you apply early.

iii) You have ample time for the student visa process required for you to come to Spain. For this reason, we do not recommend Indians apply in the last round (June).

What would you like to say to the Indian applicants?

We’re holding MBA Information Sessions in New Delhi and Mumbai in January 2014. You should try to attend if you are keen on learning more about IESE. You can register here.