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FORE School of Management, New Delhi has attracted fairly a large number of Applications for its two year full time PGDM & PGDM-International Business (IB) programmes. This year, without extending the last date of application we have received around 6500 applications which is one of the highest among private business schools. FORE takes the pride of selecting only 240 students from a rich pool of applications which is highly diverse. Students from various parts of the country have applied for these two programmes and this reflects the popularity of these two programmes.

Selection of the best set of 240 candidates from this rich pool is indeed a challenging task especially because we believe that the CAT score is not the only indicator of managerial potential. There are many aspects of management aptitude that are not adequately captured by CAT; and it is not uncommon to find candidates having a low CAT score despite having exceptionally bright managerial potential. Therefore, in order to select the best managerial talent, we have decided to apply lower CAT score cut-off for short listing candidates for GDPI: 85.42 percentile for PGDM and 80.29 percentile for PGDM (IB).

By keeping the CAT cut-off at this level we hope to give opportunity to those who have a lower CAT but potentially prove to be a result oriented management professional to get selected. Our selection process is designed to select potentially bright candidates.

The weight given to CAT score is only 40%. We have had a similar admission policy in the past years. For reference it may be noted that for the current passing out batch in 2012 the AVERAGE CAT scores in PGDM is 93.52 and for the PGDM-IB it is 87.69.

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