After my AIEEE counselling, I secured admission at Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal (MANIT). Let me describe my first experience in the college. As I stepped inside, the first thing I saw, was seniors dressed in formals and getting ready for their interviews at the main porch. I felt excited thinking about the placement sessions at the college. While filling up applications for admission and hostel facility, I received help from my seniors who made the process easy and tireless. They even helped me buy the essential goods necessary for the hostel. This kind of warm interaction and help from the seniors drew away my fears of ragging. 

I was a day scholar all through my school life and had no experience of living in a hostel. But now, I had to adjust to living in a different state with different food habits and language. Initially, I was depressed and homesick. But overtime, I overcame this feeling within by making new friends. 

My first-year experiences were the most memorable experiences in my life. I interacted with people different niches of the country with disparate cultures, tastes, languages and behaviours. I remember the days when I wrote seniors’ assignments all night and took treats from them the next day.  The nights before the exams were the longest and most difficult nights for us. Watching movies and playing games all night and skipping classes the next morning. It was the first time that I was exposed to the concept of mass bunk known as GT in our college. We also had some wonderful class trips to the local melas and some tourist spots which further strengthened the bond amongst us. 

Most importantly, my college helped me overcome my weaknesses and become a more socially outgoing person. College life is an important milestone in the life of every student. It helps us to be successful in our careers and at the same time makes us a better person. The three most important things I learnt in my college are; adaptability, survival skills and jugaad. 

College life is the best part of my life with lots of fun and freedom.

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