Actions you must do if you are a victim of normalization process of CAT 2013

Simple steps:

1. Just file a RTI under department of Higher education

2. Sign the petition

3. Join FB Group

4. Fill your details in spreadsheet;=sharing#gid=0

5. Mail to [email protected] and [email protected]

please mention your slot details and Cat registration Id in the mail.

6. Spread the news up to your best effort on facebook, twitter, pagalguy and other social media.

Other Steps:

1. Contact press media to escalate the issue.

2. Contact Admission offices of all IIM and other reputed colleges regarding this discrepancy.

3. If nothing works then file a case against IIM Indore(It should be the last step).


1. Do not lose hope

2. We should fight together

3. Nothing is out of ambit of Justice.

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