Ab Jaye toh Jaye Kahaan…

A General Male Engineering candidate, from kolkata, a mediocre student, neither bright, nor too bad either..

graduated in 2013.. this year was 2nd attempt in all the exams: IIFT, CAT, SNAP, XAT and lastly MICA.. REJECTED all throughout consistently.. its not that i did not study hard and prepare well.. worked very hard for all of them.. guess i just ran out of luck and blessings..

i have no job, am unemployed.. and plus me and my father dont get along much.. jamta nahi hain zyaada.. just a mamma’s boy.. stay back at home and help my mom out in day to day activities.. just a homesick and nostalgic guy..

it all ends today.. i mean all the positivity and hopes of an MBA.. i always dreamt of doing an MBA from a college which had acres of campus, old buildings and all.. good friends/environment/masti/COLLEGE LIFE basically.. coz my previous experience was very very bad… guess all dreams comes to a ‘.’ (fullstop)

have no idea, how am i going to spend or live my life from tomm onwards..
no idea, no plans, no nothing..