Aam Student

CAT result is out now, extra ordinary genius students i.e. “Khas” students have got extra ordinary percentile; in political world current season is of “Aam Admi” and here is a story of “Aam” student.

Through out my school life, I scored 80+ percentages only twice: once in UKG and another in 10th. That doesn’t mean I was a weak student, don’t underestimate power of common man, i was good in reasoning, my processor was good but memory was poor, i find it very difficult to recall and recollect things. However, reasoning is a different thing all the information is given to you all you need to do is apply logic. Nothing to recall ?

In my first attempt, I got 94 percentile! this was a big surprise to even me, as i am not use to see number starting with 9 in my score card. I broke up with my girl friend one month before my CAT exam, probably i could have done better if she could postponed this for a month, so I planned to not have any more brake ups and reappeared next year.

Nothing major changed in my next year’s score card. After result declaration, I went to my coaching and their every one was sharing their experience, some of the ‘Khas’ students have stunned every one by under performing, they claimed that they had attempted decent number of questions. There was also another class of students who had done reasonably well, but their attempts were not so high. That made me to believe that CAT score is not driven by “3R-W” rule alone, accuracy plays a very important role here.

After this analysis my job become very easy, prioritize the topic on the basis of interest and weight age. I selected exam date in the mid of CAT window period so that I could have some idea about surprises that CAT is going to throw.

On the day of exam, I promised myself that I won’t attempt any question, unless I am 100% certain about it. I end up in attempting 21 Q in QA and 16 in VA. A new tool appeared in market, percentile predictor by CL, which had predicted 94 percentile for me. I was very disappointed and screwed up IIFT as well.

Today morning I was very sure for another 94 percentile score, but to my surprise, i score 99.73 Percentile, I can’t believe that it’s my score I closed the window to cross check, score didn’t changed

There is no moral or message in this story, one shoe does not fit all, every one have their own strong and weak areas, just believe in your self. The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win.