AAGAAZ – the unveiling of Melange’s 2016 theme inauguration at SIMSR, Mumbai

The 12th
of October 2015 , what started off as a hustling afternoon, buzzing with the
tech team setting up the amphitheatre for something grand to come, the creative
guys running around jazzing the place up, and the curious stares waiting to see
what the propagated event – AAGAAZ,
was all about, turned out to be an event that was so highly scintillating, that
reading up ahead, you would agree to our description of the event as music to
the ears and a blissful scene to the eyes – and quite literally too!!!

We don’t believe
in just going out like a BOMB… No. Not Melange! At least not without some
tease and… well, some exciting dinner Flash-mob in the mess!! A flash mob was
all that was needed to excite our guys for the ultimate showdown that was to
follow the next day! AAGAAZ – the unveiling of Melange’s 2016 theme inauguration! A theme dedicated to celebrating the beauty and feel of the city
widely known as “City that NEVER Sleeps”, The Bollywood Mecca,
and the city of dreams to many


So does it stop
here?! Heck no! What went on to be the cherry on the cake was some hands down
fantastic performances that were put up by SIMSR’s official band – MAUJ and the official dance troop – GROOVES; a group of people with some
real oozing talent that you ought to watch to believe- absolute prodigies!

Mauj kick started the evening with some sensational soft romantic songs albeit rather
tough on the vocal chords! The song list ranged from Awari main, Dua to rolling
in the deep to a few numbers of Pink Floyd!! If you ever heard music that hit
you so deep within only to creep out in the form of goose bumps… then that
would describe every moment Mauj accelerated our emotions to!

From Contemporary
to House and from Bollywood to Freestyle, Grooves wasn’t quite away from
pushing us to the hilt with those oomph moves!! Together, Mauj and Grooves
worked the evening in such perfect synergy that it would be wrong on our part
to call the evening’s performance any less than enthralling and captivating! On
second thoughts, it had to …. especially if it meant ending with pelvic thrusts
on Humma!! A perfect song From Bombay to end the inauguration of our theme!

And when all was
done, the band sets down the mike, the dancers bow their way out and the
comperes take their leave. So does it really mark the end?……

Hah! Not Today!

Because Laaadies
and Gentttlemen *drum rolls if you may!* you have just witnessed the beginning
of something humongous and magnificent that is soon to come!! Just like the
undying spirit of Bombay we will be back with something bigger better and more
badass!! Come feel the heat come be part of Melange!! Why?! Because Darling,
yeh Bombay hai meri Jaan.. Aana toh banta hai Boss!!! #IAmInForMelange at
#KJSIMSR… Are You?! #Melange16