We live in a country where every rule has an exception and every exception has a rule. Apparently we all are very conservative and less adaptive to the changes unless compelled to change. The Indian History has proven the fact that society changes a man who in turn brings change in the society. Its a reform when the change is symbiotic and a revolt if its parasitic.

Ever since man began to socialise, he started regrouping by virtue of his occupation & culture there by endorsing different customs which became traditionary giving rise to “varnas” or caste system where in the life of one was determined by the “varna” in which he was born and was compelled to accept his fate.As this continued till the medieval period, thanks to the various conquests and invasions in the modern period, which challenged the tradition enthralling people irrespective of their caste towards knowledge, education and development.But the conservative Indian was ruthless enough to subjugate the under privileged to sustain his supremacy in order and ordinance until he witnessed a reform in the form of the constitution “THE RIGHT TO EQUALITY” which emphasises the need for equality irrespective of tradition and culture,declaring INDIA as the socialist,sovereign & secular republic. The persecution and subjugation to which the helpless were subjected began to wade away with the constitution reserving their rights in all spheres of life not only enlightened their lives but also their spirit,but with an exception to this rule”TO BE REVIEWED PERIODICALLY” .The brains of the drafting committee did not foresee that this reform would become a bait in the hands of future politics to convult and prevaricate the meaning of Socialism and Secularism.

The recent remarks of the congress president on Caste based reservations reminds me of an old adage “A WHITE MAN’S BURDEN” where the britons in a pretext of growth and development plundered India devouring of its self reliance. Today in this 21st century where create, compete and customise form the need of living, these Politicians emphasize to divide and re divide every group of people in the name of caste retrograding a free society where a persons social and occupational life is less governed by the caste system, making “caste” a mere customary to carry forward his/her tradition. The son of a priest is no more compelled to be a priest and the son of a weaver is not a merchant. Then do we need to be branded with these bracelets of caste?we cannot let these politicians plunder our hardwork through corruption luring us with freebies based on our castes and yet dividing us further.We need reservations based on economical disparity but on the cultural disparities where one isn’t devoured of knowledge and development due to his financial status.Having played all the cards on its deck the upper political class is left only with this card of dolling out reservations and empowering people. It sounds weird to accept ourselves being weak and backward with an illusion of empowerment. Unless we resonate in unision roaring at these upper political class compelling to amend the constitution and plough the road to a real “SECULARISM”.Hope we all contribute to reduce this so called “A WHITE WOMAN’S BURDEN “ empowering and uplifting the caste system..I look forward to the day where I don’t mention the caste of my children in their birth certificate.