A Taunt on ‘Quant’!

So, I have been preparing for CAT since an year and half (on paper) and only for a few months actually. My exam is due on October 25. Though I am very serious (on paper) my level of preparation is not that serious (actually). Kindly excuse any errors in English.

The Quant section in CAT is a very weird territory. Whenever I sit down to solve a set of questions, I always find two jobless guys A & B running around a track, god knows why in opposite directions, knowing every single and stupid detail about their run except the actual distance and time!

Here, people know every damn single complicated relationship of their ancestors except their own dad and mom. I want to yell out to Suresh and Ramesh that “It’s not my fault that your mom married your dad and gave birth to morons like you who cannot even identify their own sister’s painting hung on the wall for absolutely no reason other than to make fool of us.”

The community tank always has an outlet pipe which is ‘always’ left open by mistake by some water tank in-charge. I would rather sue the bloody useless guy than to solve a 10 line problem. And to the one who writes the problem, I want to say: “Will you please close the damn outlet pipe and go home rather than writing it up and asking us to answer when it will get empty?? We might be able to take the question, but if your tank has no water left, who’ll take your s***?”

The ultra-intelligent driver of the car will always observe that 1 hour before, the number was ‘something’ and one hour later, it got reversed. Then he will also add up and make a perfect square out of it and then double it and remember what is the final result. But again, he will forget what was actually written on the milestone. To him, I wanna say-“You son of Aryabhatt, racking your extraordinary brain this way may result in an accident, and the only maths then left, would be the number of people killed. Drive safe and reach home ASAP. If you were that good @ maths, you wouldn’t be driving a car!”

And last, but certainly not the least, I don’t get why a certain Mrs Sharma keeps on counting the number of Rasogullas again and again and why her husband Mr Sharma travels half the way to office on foot and the other half in his chauffeur driven luxury car. Can’t ‘she’ ask Mr Sharma to bring some more so that she doesn’t has to worry about them getting finished, and can’t ‘he’ ask Mrs Sharma not to take the car for shopping so that he doesn’t has to walk back half the way home!

The word limit is about to end, so I conclude it here.

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