A Streak Of Humanity Part II

(Continued from earlier…)
By this time the good samaritan was annoyed and he would not give him money and i was wondering why did he not call the conductor or what should be done in such a case next in line was me and i was almost sure that he would be coming to me next since the man in front of me was clearly not going to give him anything. Just then the bus stopped at a signal point and to show the man that he the drunk meant business he got down and started walking in the opposite direction to the bus. So i thought there goes another delinquent and God knows what will happen to him immediately i see that another guy who looked just a bit elder to an adolescent kept his bag on the seat and got down to get the man back in the bus now this surprised me since he was sitting right behind me and up till now was just a passive viewer and had shown no interest in whatever was going on. The Bus started and was gaining speed and i thought that this guy will not be able to get into the bus his friend was still clutching the bag of this young guy. So suddenly there is a Car that stops in front of the bus and the bus stopped for a fraction of second and the guy along with the drunk gets in takes him to an empty seat and forces him to sit down and gives him a ten rupee note. Now as comes back and sits behind me i was highly intrigued and curious to know why this selfless act suddenly when he did not appear to be any interested earlier. So he tells me that the Drunk works in a workshop nearby to his own workplace they generally have a common joint where sometimes all of those working in the area gather and eat. He knew that the drunk man had an old mother and no one else he spent his money drinking and his old mother somehow managed the household.The drunk stayed a bit ahead of Kamraj Nagar but the good samaritan along with our young hero stayed at Kamraj Nagar and knew each other they knew where he stayed and thus got the ticket till there. So getting curious i ask our hero that what will happen when he gets down at Kamraj Nagar he may again go anywhere since the drunk was clearly not in his senses. The young man replies that he would go and drop him to his house since more than the drunk he was worried the hassles the old lady would go through if her son did not returned back. So hearing all this i was touched and thought that many a times small acts of kindness that we do goes unpraised and unsung but it is not for the praises that one does this however if someone showed respect to such acts one feels nice so i told our young hero that it was indeed thoughtful of him and good deeds are always rewarded by the almighty. Soon enough our journey and the momentary association came to an end, i saw our good samaritan and the young hero get down taking the drunk with them and the bus moved on………

PS:: My feeble attempts of writing thought that the new format of 1000 words would be a great and also good enough and Lo and behold found it to be 1200 words well human desires for more cant be satisfied whether its money or words in this case 😛 😛

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