A State of Oblivion -Conquered

A bright Sunday, I was having sumptuous lunch with some of my friends . I got a call from my ex hey I am on airport; I will reach around 7 pm.

Me: ok see ya at 7 den buhhbyee. Call disconnected.

–Phone ringing again.

Me: ya temme She: I got fixed.

Me: silence …

It was a year back the incident happened but I am still alive.

As I look back today, I feel life turned out beautifully after her. It wasn’t easy I admit but it was not a formidable task to stay single.

It still gives me jitters whenever I think of this moment and many a times I have pondered over this topic over and over, again and again with a state of oblivion.

What went wrong? Why she didn’t call me, even if she had the idea of getting engaged? Why didn’t she call me before her engagement? Why on earth she is calling after getting fixed?

Though I am still dubious about the answers to all these questions but they told me to “Let it go”

For past one year I have met a lot of people, made new friends. I went alone to Goa , I ate alone, I went for a movie alone , went on trekking etc. . Not that I want to be a no-man’s island but it was a fight from within. To deal with a problem of such magnitude you have to touch the deeper instincts of yourself.

On the contrary, I admit at one point I just wanted to run away from this place, I wanted to avoid all the people who knew about our relationship, I wanted to tell her what she is going to miss for lifetime, I wanted to leave my job , go back to my natives , settle with my parents . Alas, I choose to stay back and fight. I conquered my worst fears and trust me on this: there is only one person who is responsible for your happiness and that is “You”.

Now I usually stay away from hot waters and prefer friendship over relationship. I started focusing on my career and started doing things I like. I came a lot closer to my family in past one year and I am happy about it As I entered into 2014, I had only aim in mind “This year I am not going to grant anyone the privilege to come and hurt me. In simple words, I vouched to stay single.” There is an inexplicable and inordinate joy within me for accomplishing this. I have learnt to let go of the grudges and be a happy man

P.S. Readers’ wondering where is she now? The story is fictional and manipulated.