A Special Meeting! :-) Part-7

We quickly finished the dinner and reached at the parking area.

“How did you feel spending time with us?” Sara asked as we sat in the car.

“I really enjoyed it,” I said as Rashi drove out the car.

“So get ready to enjoy more. We are going to the disc,” Sara announced. They are not done yet. It was 11:30 p.m. by my watch.

“It’s getting late. You people enjoy in the disc,” I said. “Rashi, please drop me near Tolani College”

“It’s Mumbai, Vibhu. It’s never late here,” Sara was improving my G.K. “And you are safe. None of us is going to rape you.”

She started laughing badly. Rashi too smiled.

“Sara, I will always be safe, even if you do stuff with me,” I said trapping her with her own statement.

Seeing Sara had nothing to reply to protest herself after what I asked, Rashi started laughing. Sara laughed too.

“You are coming with us, na?” Rashi asked after a few seconds.

“Hmm….” I nodded. I had really started liking Rashi’s company. She seemed sweeter than what she seemed two years back. Everything about our meeting was amazing except the part – she didn’t recognize me.

Meanwhile I informed Vishal on phone that I was going to the disc and would come after 2-3 hours.

Rashi decided to choose a nearby discotheque; hence, we entered Rock Bottom at Nair Road, Juhu. The youngsters in the disc were tapping their feet on the latest dancing songs. It was also a ‘Non-weekend’ night and hence there was lesser crowd.

We found ourselves a place to sit. Again, Rashi and Sara sat together whereas I sat opposite them. Our sitting arrangement was no different from how we sat in the Chinese Restaurant but in this little period of time, a little difference born- there I was happy to sit where I did, here I wanted to sit with Rashi. While they were chatting between themselves, I looked at Rashi. She looked innocent. How could she not remember me? I kept looking towards her for a while until she frowned noticing me

I shook my head.

Meanwhile Sara went to bring something for us. After a while, she returned with three glasses of some drinks.

“I suppose it doesn’t contain alcohol,” I confirmed it from Sara as I took a glass of drink.

“Of course, it does! Why will we drink non-alcoholic drink? Are we kids?” Sara replied as she took the first sip. I kept my glass down.

“She is joking, Vibhu. It’s 100% non-alcoholic,” Rashi assured.

I held my glass again to drink. It wasn’t an alcoholic drink. The DJ at the place must have been playing the top most dancing numbers as I could see many people dancing on the floor.

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