A Special Meeting! :-) Part-6

Sara had some 7-8 outfits in her hand that she was showing one by one to Rashi. A dress was selected by Rashi, with that Sara went into trial room.

“She is just mad about clothes,” Rashi said having come back beside me.

I smiled.

Sara came out of the trial room, wearing a V-neck pink color Bodycon dress. From her place, she made some hands movements that signified ‘How am I looking?’ Rashi, in response, made appreciating gestures. She kept wearing the new outfit while the old one was packed into the shopping bag.

We came out of the shop, reaching to last floor – The food court.

“You like Chinese, no?” Rashi asked to me as we entered a Chinese Restaurant

“Yes. That’s fine,”

We occupied an unreserved table for us. Rashi and Sara sat together while I sat opposite them. In a few seconds, a waiter came serving us three glasses of water.

“May I have your order, please,” he said

“Yes. Three Chinese platters,” Rashi ordered while looking at me asking by her gesture – ‘if it is okay to order this.’ I too replied her with my gestures – ‘it’s perfectly alright.’

“Vibhu, you didn’t tell me how I am looking in this new dress?” asked Sara after a few minutes. Rashi and I saw each other smiling.

“You were looking better in your previous dress,” I said just to tease her.

“Really?” she surprisingly asked looking towards Rashi.

Rashi also nodded teasing her further.

“Are you guys serious?” she reconfirmed.

“Yes….And you are looking much better in this dress.” I said smiling which also brought her to smile.

“Thanks,” she said. “I thought you are too serious-type person otherwise.”

“Yeah, that was a smart answer, Vibhu,” Rashi said this time.

I just smiled some more to this. I couldn’t say YES to my praise.

Meanwhile the waiter returned with our Chinese platters that contained noodles, Manchurian, and Fried-rice. I chose to eat noodles first but I didn’t know how to eat them with chopsticks, so I kept the chopsticks aside and picked a fork for me. Rashi and Sara were easily eating with chopsticks. When Rashi noticed me using fork, she left her chopsticks and picked a fork for herself, too.

“I don’t understand why there is a need to use chopsticks,” she murmured.

I liked it. She understood I couldn’t use the chopsticks hence she left using them too. I felt an urge to ask her if she really didn’t recognize me but something in me stopped to do so. At times, while eating dinner, our eyes matched. It felt differently soothing. Every time I saw her, she just smiled in the minimum possible way, giving me the maximum possible happiness. I was surprised on myself as to why my liking towards her was developing.

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