A Special Meeting! :-) Part-5

“To celebrate. We have two reasons to celebrate! ” Rashi said while Sara gave a little smile. They might have had 100 reasons to celebrate but I’d only 1 reason to not enjoy with them – her being stranger to me.

“Sorry. I’d like to leave soon,” I said instead.

“C’mon Vibhu, It’s my birthday today,” Sara said innocently coming closer to us through the space between Rashi’s and my seat.

“Ohh…Happy Birthday Sara!” I shook hands with her. I learnt how difficult it was to shake given the sitting position we had.

“And you are finalized is the second reason. Still you want to leave,” Rashi looked to me with no expression in her eyes. Even though those unexpressed eyes had countless expressions.

“I’ll join you,” I wanted to deny but couldn’t.

“Great,” Sara screamed, “Now what’s the program, Rashi?”

Rashi checked the time from her wristwatch. The watch was beautiful as was the wrist. Rashi in these two years had become too changed. Unwittingly, I was getting attracted towards her.

“It’s only 9 now,” Rashi said, “So…..”

“So can we go to my place and change into new clothes,” Sara cut Rashi’s sentence in middle. I only wished Rashi to disagree with her. I would have to wait until their girlish things get over, if Sara’s option was accepted.

“No,” Rashi said looking towards me. She might have understood this whole procedure would bore me.

“C’mon yaar. My clothes have become too dusty.” Sara showed her disappointment.

“Don’t be sad, Sara,” Rashi said stopping the car, “I have a solution for your dusty clothes!”

“What,” Sara asked.

Rashi pointed out something through the window. It was a big Mall outside, High Street Phoenix. She started the car again driving it to Mall’s parking. We came out of the car, walking to the Mall’s entry. While walking together, I closely observed Sara’s clothes to know how dusty they really were. They seemed too neat & clean to me. Or maybe being a boy, my eyes couldn’t find dust in the clothes. We entered the Mall.

“On your Birthday, let me gift you a new dress,” Rashi said as Sara instantly hugged her, saying, “You are my sweetheart!”

Some of the people in the Mall saw them smiling. Soon we entered Lifestyle. Sara excitingly started finding things throughout the place. She went a little far from us in order to find a good outfit. Her hands were busy in flipping through the outfits hung/kept in the different stands/shelves.

“So how do you find Mumbai,” Rashi broke the silence I had maintained.

“So far it’s good,” I said as Sara called Rashi for helping her to buy.

“She can’t choose it alone,” Rashi mumbled while reaching to Sara.

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