A Special Meeting! Last Part

I got off the car. I saw at the rear seat, Sara had already slept. Rashi too came out.

“So shall we sign the contract tomorrow?” Rashi asked. I had forgotten that I was a model and had met Rashi for this purpose.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Ok. So see you then,” she said getting ready to sit in the car again.


She drove off the car without waving/saying bye to me. I felt too awkward about Rashi’s behavior. Sometimes she treated me too gently and now she didn’t even bother to say good bye to me. She might not have recognized me. Agreed. But we say bye to random people as well.

I started moving to my flat on sixth floor. I checked the time. 1:30 a.m. Vishal had locked the door from inside. I had a duplicate key that allowed me not to disturb him from sleep. I entered the house. The T.V. was on. Vishal had slept while watching it. I put off my clothes & shoes, and changed into my nightwear. As I came on the bed for sleeping, I found that my mobile that was kept on side stool vibrated. The screen displayed Rashi’s SMS.

“Nice meeting you, Vibhu. Especially after two years! :)”

The last sentence took my breaths off. She had recognized me. Why didn’t she reveal it then? I texted her back –

“Why didn’t you tell me you recognized me?”

I waited for her reply. I didn’t have any idea what she was going to answer.

“Well, same question to you?”

She was very smart. She didn’t answer what I asked but she cross-questioned.

“But I got it when you put off your sunglasses.Your look is changed, mine is not.”

On this she replied –

“I guess, this is how you like me talking to you… isn’t it how we used to talk in MBA.”

She was right. I had not realized that during our days in MBA, I tried to ignore her to the maximum. I never gave a damn to what she said to me. I felt too embarrassed.

“I am sorry,” I sent the SMS.

“Sorry for?” came her reply.

“I am sorry for I always ignored you.

I am sorry for I made you feel uncomfortable in talking to me.

I am sorry for everything that still makes you hesitated while opening up with me”

“Sorry won’t do. You should be punished,” she replied after a while.

“I am ready for any punishment.”

“So your punishment is – be my friend and never ignore me”

“My pleasure being friends with you. And I won’t dare to ignore you.”

“ ? ”

“ ? ? ”

Chalo, it’s getting late.

See you tomorrow.

Bye Bye.Goodnight.”

“Getting late in Mumbai?

? ? Bye Bye. Goodnight.”