A sheltered life, not anymore

Most of us tend to lead a sheltered life till we are old enough to enter college. So all those years, we are taken care of, nurtured and well provided for, with ample security and without an iota to bother. Then suddenly one fine day, the world decides that it’s time for the little bird to fly and you are almost on your own to walk, stumble, fall, rise and walk all over again.

In the college, one develops a sense to question and understand his surroundings better, and gets to learn that it’s time to come out of the cocoon. It’s time to speak up and air views and opinions. Nothing wrong in doing that. As a college-goer, a student needs to build up his personality so that he or she may be able to make his or her stand in the real world. Entering into the corporate or industrial world isn’t an easy task. It takes some time to master yourself in the field. The grades and marks don’t matter, and finally, it’s time to put your theoretical knowledge to real use. Like, it’s easy to learn about the circuits, but it takes an effort to build one to solve a given problem. Your efficiency doesn’t come from how good you can memorise a definition but how you use it when is what matters.

Training and workshops must be conducted by the college to make students ready for the job market. If the students get some job-related experience while studying in college, it will stand him in good stead later. The student will be better prepared to face the world and wouldn’t have to start from a scratch. Dealing with real life problems will help them understand where and how to put their education to use. 

In colleges, most of the students are worried about their scores. In this mad rush, they often forget that they had come here “to learn.” There should be more interactive study sessions to help a student decide on the field of study. Learning shouldn’t be only about books. When you’re stuck in a problem, you shouldn’t have to go running to find answers in a book; it should come to you naturally. One should be that thorough. 

Being an engineer isn’t only about “jugaad” and clearing exams, it’s so much more when you put your heart into it. It’s a choice you made when you stepped into the college, and it’s all that you have when you decide to come out of the cocoon and fly high.

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