Distinguished people coming
together from all over the country just to connect with their alma mater would
set nothing short of a festive fervour. The silver jubilee for the batch of
1989 and the crystal jubilee for the batch of 1999 could not have come at a
better time. With IMI on the cusp of getting into the next spectrum, the 300 alumni,
who had travelled in from various parts of the country, expressed their
solidarity in their support to their Institute’s aspirations.

The honourable Director General,
Padma Shri Dr. Bakul Dholakia, inaugurated the event and extended a warm
welcome to the Alumni, rightly calling them the most critical stakeholders of
the institute. He subtly expressed the importance of
continued interactions between the students and their alumni. Professor
Subir Verma acknowledged the Alumni’s constant support and guidance provided to
the IMI students on various fronts.

A cake
cutting ceremony by the jubilee batches was followed by felicitation of the
faculty and the ex-faculty members. The alumni were pleasantly surprised by a
video comprising of testimonials by faculty members. The clipping also
contained pictures of their heydays back in college. The delighted alumni then
took time off to exchange notes with each other on
professional and personal aspects.  For
the outgoing batch of 2013-15 the Alumni became the quintessential mentors as
they shared their success stories and anecdotes with them. With the students
poised to enter the corporate world in the immediate future, the batch
immensely got to benefit from the bites about the industry.

Stand-up comedian Nitin Gupta’s
(Rivaldo) rib tickling one liners were an instant hit with the audience,
particularly cricket fans. The 30 member (from IMI Delhi) flash mob then had
the alumni enthralled with their performance.

alumni then paid a visit to the Merchandise Counter to collect Souvenirs like
Hoodies, mugs and photo frames, and went home taking happy memories with them. The
entire event was a grand gesture of the mutual promise between the alumni and
their alma mater to be there for each other.

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