A Retrospection of my CAT performance

I had to go through the Exam Experience thread before writing this, as I have almost forgotten how my CAT exam went. All I remember is that it went well, really well when compared to my past attempts.

It all happened on a cozy winter morning. I took a week break from work, to have a fresh mind that morning. A well utilized break time of course! A break period where I did revise the basics, did watch some movies and football, and the best part- stayed away from office!

The week had flown by very fast, and finally my D-day arrived. I do remember that I wasn’t so tensed up that day. I was the coolest I ever was in my entire life.

The clock never stopped ticking, and finally I had to start the exam. As I went through the sec 1, I did find around 10 of them were very easily doable. I managed around 21 attempts(almost all of them accurately) and moved onto sec 2.

English was never my piece of cake, so I started with the LR. 2 LR sets were very easy, and with some difficulty I did the 3rd one as well(all of them accurately). I do remember that I did some parajumbles, conclusions, correction of sentences. I managed around 9 in VA and RC so around 18 overall in sec 2.

On Jan 14 ’14, the results day I was eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 9. When it did, I checked my result and was shattered upon seeing it. I got a dismal 92.17 OA(97.xx-S1, 73.xx-S2).

When I look back now and try analyzing it, I don’t blame normalization, nor do I blame the exam center, nor the AC which always concentrated on me. I entirely was responsible for this debacle. If at all I was more accurate I would’ve got a better %ile. If at all I was cent% accurate I would’ve made a 99+ %ile. If at all I gave up movies, and spent the time studying, I would’ve probably made a 100%ile. If at all….the list never ends.

But the only thing which doesn’t change is the present. I can effectively utilize this present and can shape up my future. I might have failed this time, but who knows what’s in store for me! Success can be delayed but it is not unachievable.

Never worry for the delay in your success as compared to others, because construction of wonders take more time than ordinary structures