A really short story

..and in a fraction of a second, it was over. I had left my physical form and entered the metaphysical realm. I saw my grieving family beside my mortal body which was lying still. I felt bad seeing them in that state. I wished to communicate with them. Feeling restless, I moved around to each person seeking for his/her attention. One person ordered the coffin, another was busy completing the formalities of the hospital. From a highly famous and respected individual, I had come down to a soon-to-be-disposed off body. As I was running around, I read the following lines,

“The name lives without any end; echoes through eternity.

Says Kabir O good men, don’t die in vain”

And then I had my moment of epiphany. Everything that has a beginning has to come to an end. I was suddenly relieved of all the tensions I carried while being alive. All the materialistic things ceased to exist. I was feeling lighter both in mind and body. Though I am no longer alive, my deeds will live on, forever. As I was thinking all this, somebody said, “May his soul rest in peace.”

I smiled and answered, “Yes, I will..”