A Random Piece of Writing

(Prologue: This poem was written during my final year of Engineering. That too between the phase of placement season and semester exams. I hope engineering students can relate to it.)

So many thoughts, so many plans,

But when I get hold of a pen, my mind goes blank.

It’s been a long time that I always wished to write,

But it looked like as if I had a long & tough fight.

I’ve always been pouring out my heart against the mirror,

But when it comes to writing, my laziness would be in fear.

But today, even if there’s an exam tomorrow,

I got hold of the pen, to write all the joys & sorrow,

Life is tough; it makes us work hard,

The only key to win it is to never fall apart.

Hard work with a little bit of luck is the secret to winning,

But totally depending upon the luck will make your life spinning.

Too many options, so many Choices,

I am totally confused with so many voices.

Everyone out here has so many suggestions,

And my inner voice is now filled with confusion.

I don’t know what I want from life,

But a small loving family with a caring wife,

The future plans are against the present conditions,

This is the reason that I am scared to take any decisions.

Don’t know which decision would lead me where,

Sometimes out of frustration, I wish I didn’t care.

But boy, it’s my life, if I don’t care then who will,

If I sit around like this, all I will be left with is nil.

All I know is that, I want to be a ‘Big Man’ with a good status,

And also a man of character, whose heart is the greatest.

A man who owns the place when he arrives,

A man who fills the atmosphere with his positive vibes.

Only God knows what’s life has in store,

I just wish that in Life, I never get bore.

Will now end this ‘random piece of writing’ abruptly,

But with a hope that I will soon be writing such pieces regularly.