Sitting in the college library, I was trying my best to study.

Kshitij, a good friend of mine made his swift way to me .

“Shantanu….so what you are doing here, I think you are free now”

After I listened to him I once thought to blow up his head with my punch n in my mind I even did.

I had an exam the next day , so you cant blame me for that punch stuff….

Still I said “yes, I am completely free”

Actually I promised him once that when I get free I would listen up to his love story sort of thing. He always wanted me to listen to his story. Every time I dodged his attack successfully but this time he victimized me.

“So now you will listen to it, I want no more excuses” he asserted.

I tried to make few serious excuses to skip his boring story (all love stories are boring)

But then there is a saying- we must not run away from our problems. We must face them eye to eye. Inspired by it, finally I said “Ok , go on with your love story”

“Its not a love story !! Its just a story of two unusual friends, one is a boy that’s me n the other is a girl…that’s all.”

For a moment or two I admired the way he defended himself !!

It was a lazy summer afternoon, students were crowding inside the library, of course not to study, but because of the air conditioner.

Now, my dear readers, I am going to tell you that tale by assuming myself as kshitij. So the word “I ” will mean “kshitij”

And here it begins……

“What’s this man!! What the hell you are wearing n that too today!!! You are an idiot!!!!”

These welcoming gentle words greeted me as entered my college bus one morning…well, i can assure you his tone held much more surprise than the finite exclamation marks I put in the statement.

I wrestled with him for occupying the window seat n succeeded (a dream come true for every bus travelling student). I took my time to settle down while he continued with his greetings.

He stopped after some more taunting remarks. Well, he is Shashank, my good friend n we every day traveled to the most hated place on earth-COLLEGE, to unfurl the mysteries of this universe n use the results in molding our day to day life into a castle of sophisticatedly knitted technological web.(Sounds better than flatly saying “hey look,we are engineers, a unit of future unemployed force”)

I know , after reading this some of you are already opposing my idea vigorously of calling college a ‘hated’ place, but to them who are in B.Tech n still single, what else can you expect from their virgin lips. After a few minutes of silence, from the fear that Shashank might again start welcoming me, I started the talk. “so, what have u brought in your lunch today” I tried to start the conversation as innocently as possible. “You’re a man with no brains, you are just a stupid punk! You are going to meet a girl today n you came in your usual college uniform!!!” said Shashank. My innocent topic didn’t last long.

“Ok fine, so what’s the big deal! We are just meeting, I am not going to propose a marriage to her, come on!!” came my saintly words.

After a long time, me n Rishika (the cause for that day’s turbulence) planned to meet.

I found Rishika on facebook. It was May of 2010, I was quite new to the world of FB(which was soon going to be my second home).I requested her for a friendship on FB thinking she was the Rishika of my schooldays… After a bunch of months, I don’t know why,(maybe she logged into her FB account n went away for some work n in the mean time, some alien landed into her room, pressed the ‘accept request’ button n vanished. That’s the most logical reason I could come up with. Else there is no way, such an angel could befriend a guy with such demonic looks.) but she accepted my friend request n that’s how we began to chat. And after 8 months of knowing her we finally planned to meet.

Bus finally approached the college gate, as usual I found Shashank sleeping beside me. He must have seen more than 4 movies back to back the previous night, not because he over-studied as many of our studious readers might be thinking the latter to be the cause of his early morning nap…

I entered the class…n concluded that the class was already started (not a rare scene for me).The teacher gave be a rebuking look.I silently retired to my seat. I agree, by default, teachers do have a rebuking expression all the time, maybe by birth. But this was one of a superior quality.

He started his topic with very innocent things, like –“ Suppose you got out of your home n saw a transformer”! Now , why on earth I will see that bloody transformer when I am out of my home. I have many other essential things to stare at…!

Soon that innocent topic took the form of a black board full of nightmarish equations…I knew this crap was going to happen. I was counting 1000 backwards, just wanted his boring period to get over… But then..

“And now kshitij will tell us how the transformer works on no load condition!!” said my kind teacher.

I gave a wonderful discourse on ‘no load condition’ but it didn’t involve any transformer i.e technical stuff…again I got a ‘I will kill you’ type look from my, kind non violent teacher.

Some how I managed to survive till lunch n got out of college after that.

[To be continued..(maybe)]