A Happiness Shared Is A Happiness Doubled. Part-3

They started coming but a few of them became happy seeing the ice-cream rickshaw. How can they be so involved with music? I wondered.

In a while, Anurag too came out of the room. He noticed the children were not enjoying.

“What happened to them?” He asked me.

“I told you na, these children are too crazy for music. The show has cancelled because of which they are upset.”

“Cancel? Is the band not coming or what?” He asked.

“Yes, the band has canceled at the last moment.” I said as he moved towards Harsh and Neha who were sitting under a tree.

In a while, I saw Anurag boost the kids. He was really making them happy. I wished if someone had made him happy too the way he did.

“Sharya Bhaiya,” The reception boy came, “Somebody wants to talk to you over phone.”

I went in to receive the call. The call was from the caterers who had to arrange buffet tonight.

When I came out, I saw more children were enjoying ice-cream now. I looked for Anurag but he wasn’t seen. I dialed his number but the call wasn’t picked. I asked from children if they saw him go somewhere. Then someone told me that he was seen going out of the orphanage. I rushed to the Watchman and asked him if he saw someone go now. He said that he had seen him go by his bike. I was feeling afraid. What if he commits suicide?

As I took my mobile out of my pocket to dial his number again, it started ringing. The call was from Anurag.

“Hey, I am coming in five minutes. Ask the children to be ready to rock,” He said as I picked the call.

“What? I don’t get it,” I said.

“You will,” He hung up the call.

I was relaxed now. He has planned something for children, I thought. After a few minutes, what I saw was just amazing – I saw Anurag coming with two more persons who resembled musicians. One person was holding the Guitar while the other had some instrument packed in his bag.

“They are my friend, Vickey and Rohan.” Anurag introduced his friend.

“That’s great,” I said shaking hands with them.

“We used to have our own band and now we perform individually,” Vickey said.

“Anurag, you play something too?” I asked.

“Anurag is our vocalist.” Rohan said patting Anurag’s back.

“Wow! You are a singer, Anurag,” I said.

“Coincidentally yes. Now let’s just get the stage ready for the performance,” Anurag said as we moved towards the stage.

Anurag had already told his plan to Harsh and Neha and therefore they had already set their instruments on the stage. After a few minutes, when all instruments were set, the electrician came and checked if everything was okay. All the children along with the staff had taken their respective positions. They were too happy that finally the musical event was going to take place.

Harsh was on Musical drums and Neha was on Keyboard. Anurag’s friends Vickey was on lead guitar while Rohan on Sampling pad. And of course, the biggest surprise of the day – Anurag was the singer.

“Meri Laundry Ka Ek Bill, Ek Aadhi Padhi Novel,” The song started. Team Anurag seemed very professional. Harsh and Neha were matching well too.

The children in the audience felt happy as the song performed. They kept performing rocking songs and with each song, the children were getting more energetic. After some rocking numbers, finally the show came to an end.

Some children from the audience went to the stage and hugged Anurag and his friends. Harsh and Neha too hugged Anurag. They even tried to lift him up together. I could see tears rolling down Anurag’s eyes. I requested children to enjoy the buffet in the dining area. When children had gone, I hugged Anurag and his friends too.

“You really made of us happy today Anurag. Thanks a lot,” I said. My eyes had turned moist too.

“Today I knew the meaning of life,” he said. “You know what, I was going to commit suicide today.”

His friends Vickey and Rohan got surprised.

“I know,” I said.

“Payal told you?” Anurag asked.

“I tell you,” I said. I told him all what had happened from my logging Facebook account to this Payal Dutta’s account accessing to everything I planned to save him.

“So was I talking to you?” He asked with How-Silly-I-Was expression.

“I know I should not have responded but stopping you from suicide was needed the most,” I said.

“That’s okay. But I don’t understand how you got logged in to Payal’s account?” His friend Rohan asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe God hacked Payal’s credentials and used the same replacing mine,” I replied.

“But why God chose you only,” Anurag asked.

“That’s because four years ago, I had the same condition like yours. If I had committed suicide, I would not have been able to make these children happy. My little daughter Anushi embraces me in her arms and says ‘you’re the best father ever. I love you papa’, all this would not have been possible if I had died four years ago. So that’s the reason why God chose me to help you.” I finished.

“I suppose you will never think of committing suicide, right?” Rohan asked Anurag.

“Never. I too realized it that it’s not important if you’re happy. What’s important is if you’re a reason behind others’ happiness.” Anurag said.

“Come on bhaiya. Have dinner with us,” A few children held our hands in order to drag us to the dining hall.


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