A Happiness Shared Is A Happiness Doubled

The summer vacations were going and my wife Anjali along with my sweet daughter Anushi had gone to my in-laws. I had no one at home therefore after the job, I was spending much of my time in “weCARE” an Orphanage that is run by a few members (including me) of the society.

It was Monday. I had come back home at 10:30 pm from weCARE. I was feeling too tired hence I took no time to sleep

“Good Morning”

“Good Morning” the alarm tone of my mobile was ringing. I stopped the alarm. It seemed it rang too early. I saw the time – 1:00 AM.

I tried hard to remember as to when I set the alarm for the time. I didn’t set it. Then I thought that it might have been done mistakenly.

I went back to my bed to sleep. Time passed by but I wasn’t able to sleep again. I cursed the alarm tone that disturbed me. I saw the time again – 2:24 am. I thought of an alternative way – logging in my Facebook and killing some time by the time I felt sleeping.

I opened Facebook and put my credentials – [email protected] and givinghappiness (password)

In few seconds I saw my home page loading. I started scrolling down to see news feed on my wall. I felt something different on my wall. There were people, who had posted on my wall, I never knew. Then I saw something I was totally shocked at – I saw my user name as Payal . I pinched myself to know if I wasn’t dreaming. I clicked on Payal, the hyperlink redirected me to the profile page of Payal Dutta.

I couldn’t understand what the heck it was. I just logged out from the account and logged in again with my credentials. I made sure if I was putting correct credentials.

Now again, Payal Dutta’s account was accessed. I wanted to fall asleep thus I opened Facebook but now this wrong account thing left no scope for me to sleep.

While I was going to log out again, somebody (named Anurag) sent Payal a message through the Chat box. I don’t know but it stopped me to log myself out of the account. I felt like avoiding reading it but the message was in front of my eyes.

“Payal, I know you hate me,” This was the message sent by Anurag.

I didn’t want to read his message because technically I was not Payal.

“Just telling you that tomorrow I will be committing suicide.” Anurag sent another message. I couldn’t ignore him as he was saying something so unusual.

“Are you mad?” I had to make a reply on behalf of Payal.

“This is your first reply after two months. Yes, I am mad. I don’t want to be sympathized but I want another thing from you.” Anurag replied.

“Another thing? What?” I typed.

“Before I die, I want to hold you in my arms for the last time.” His answer appeared.

His last sentence had my heart skipped a few beats. I felt sad for him.

This boy was deeply in love. I wanted to sympathize him but then this was not enough here. I wanted to do something that would prevent him to die. I noticed that we all three belonged to the same place; Khashipur in Uttarakhand.

“I want to meet you. Come to Meeraj’s Café tomorrow at 9:00 am.” I sent him the message.

“You know na when I see you, I curse my destiny that couldn’t include you. It’s very hard for me to face you but then I am happy in meeting the one I love before I die.”

It was very hard for me to do conversation with him but I could feel for him and saving him was my top priority. Then I thought how I would meet him? I didn’t know him, Payal did.

“Don’t want to listen all this. I have missed your mobile no. just give me yours.” I wanted to get mobile no. so that I could contact him.

“9856547858….. Now you don’t need to save this no. we don’t save the no. we call once only.” Anurag replied.

“Now you sleep, see you tomorrow.” I typed hoping he might feel relaxed


“You sleep. Goodnight.”

I logged out from Facebook and went back to the bed in order to have some sleep before I met Anurag in the morning.

At 6:00 am, I woke up. It was very hard for me to believe if I talked someone using somebody else’s Facebook. I felt sad for Anurag. Why people go mad in love? I had thought how I would try to make him believe that deciding to end his life was a wrong decision.

At 7 O’clock, I dialed Anurag’s no.“Hello”

“Hello,” He picked the phone.

“You’re in Kashipur, right?” I asked.

“Who is this?”

“I am Shaurya, Payal’s friend” I said.

“Payal’s friend?”

“Yes. She wants to meet you therefore I was asking if you were in Kashipur,” I said.

“I am in Kashipur,” He replied.

“Okay. So you come at ‘Mont Bolt Play School’ as soon as possible. We meet you there,” I instructed.

“Hmm. I come.”

In a few minutes, I was going to meet him. I had a responsibility to convince him to continue living.

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