A Good Shot at the End of the Day!

Starting the day at 11 seems too natural for some on a holiday but for me it’s something unnatural since I have a habit of getting up at or before 8 everyday.it shocked me first but then I realized I have the entire 13 hours in my hand ,which if utilized properly would render me satisfactory results atleast at the end of the day.

Heading down,I thought of gathering myself with something energetic, ending up eating ten almonds,a tea spoon of honey poured quietly in the katora and daliya !i flipped through the pages of the newspaper steadily and read the crucial matter with my finest concentration.As soon as I was done with HT,the next adrenaline rush was given to me by the human resource presentation topics of Time and Piece wage systems ,a thorough study of which left me wondering of the good old days of class 12 when such stuff used to be on my tips.Further ,I was focusing on maximizing the output from those 2 hours spent with ease yet enjoyment on the theory (understanding) part.it doesn’t amaze me much when I say I was playing with my time constructively watching the news updates about elections and seat sharing. Finally,I decided to perform ablution listening to songs and reading HT City hitherto.

As soon as Mom arrived,she served me lunch on the dining table with me reading about Aamir doing social work for his own happiness and content rather than to impress others and his page-long interview further materializing every key moment of today.once again,I entered my room but with reduced exuberance,hurriedly finishing my CRQs of the chapter Mensuration.something different happened-I met my yoga sir after a very long time and he commented I looked very happy and I humbly replied probably because of seeing and talking to him after a very long time, helping myself out with Om chanting and Gayatri Mantra. Exactly then,I felt asleep while reading about SRCC’s glamorous annual fest Crossroads ’14 on my injured Nexus 7.

Waking up,I headed to complete my Material Costing realizing calculations are so tough in this subject without a calculator.Yes,I was able to draw a curtain before this chapter could become a nip in the bud.Spearheading to talk to family members,I implemented my idea of writing out words with their meanings alongside having a glance at the Opinion polls,allowing me to be elated with the day’s performance further ,when after dinner ,I sat with my grammar book completing a couple more units,oops,I just realized I have another four to go.Bye !