A Dream To BE Different- Part 2

As i said he wanted something more.He wanted to be more famous.

It was just a group of people, only student of three standards were listening to him.He wanted to be known by every single child of the school. This was still achieved only a part of his dream.He was hungry for more. He wanted to be at that apex position which a student can hold in the school.

Something can only be achieved on its right time. You have to wait for the right time to get what you desire, but its more important that while waiting you should not lose your track. Every day you must think of it, you must analyse whatever you are doing is taking you towards your goal or away from it.

He was well aware of this and was very focused on his studies, but in back of his mind he was well aware of the dream. In class 9 he was the most eligible person for the vice-captain position of his house, the favorite among the teachers. In this real world where everything looks simple but when things turn up it is quite different.

To have a selection procedure three candidates were shortlisted. He was surely one of them and was the optimum choice for the selection but it was heart breaking for him to find that the position was given to a girl who was a teacher’s daughter. He knew that no one was more suitable than him, but the decision was made and it was made against the wishes of many teachers and staffs.

He got upset and denied his participation in any activities for his house, the same one which we discussed before. The dream of becoming the school captain was washed away with the politics he just went through.This was the very first time in his life he witnessed such a stuff. A more deserved candidate being sidelined and someone else with a favor was crowned.

But had he been left with this dilemma he would have never achieved what he wanted to. He would have always blame the system and thought of it being never fair to people. After some day he was called by the teachers and was given a brief explanation about their decision. They also gave a hint to him that he will be given the house captain post after two years.

Everyday at the time of school assembly there grew a fire in his belly when he saw someone else standing in the position where he used to imagine himself. Sometime it is not possible to get what you desire to, but instead of being angry and dropping the idea, we should work on the mistakes and find the reason for your failure so that you can bounce back harder. He did exactly the same. He recalled what his teacher told him and waited for the right day to come.

The day was not far enough. He passed class 10 with flying colors and was willing to take admission in the same school in class 11. Somewhere the focus shifted to studies and it hardly matters for him now as according to him, his main intention of being well known by everyone was almost fulfilled. Every teacher used to know him personally.

As said, It is necessary to oil the fire in between to get it glowing otherwise it will turn off after some time. This incident in his life played the same role as an oil, it turned the fire back in his mind which was about to get over.

His brother used to study in the same school, but was transferred to his uncle’s house for a year. After he came back again he was denied admission in the school because of poor performance. Even after repeated efforts from his family members the principal turned down the request and he was forced to be admitted in different school.

Meanwhile he personally met the principal and tried persuading her but failed.He was disheartened and realized that has not achieved the aura he has thought off. He is still not that popular that on his request he can get his bother admitted in his school. The reputation which h earned with his hard work could not earn a seat in the school for his brother. Even being one of the top seed in the class he is not effective in front of the principal.

He took this as a challenge and the determination of being the ‘School Captain’ further increased.This time the reason was different. It was not to be popular anymore but to become powerful so that no one can turn down his say, at least in the school premises.