A day in the diary of a TISSIAN

My life at TISS has been one roller coaster ride in the past six months. Since I got admission into the institute each and every day has been memorable with so many experiences that this semester itself felt like I have been in TISS for a time much longer than the six months that I have spent . Well to begin with Mumbai welcomed me with rains. The campus with its beautiful old buildings standing adjoining to the new multi storied academic building looked so beautiful in the verdant green. The entire campus blended like the old and the new standing shoulder to shoulder with a harmony that speaks of the ethos of the institute, where each and every kind of view or thought is heard discussed and deliberated with equal vigour passion and respect.

Studying in TISS gave me the unique opportunity to not just learn and know the subjects that I needed to know for my own course but also taught me philosophy and its other school of thoughts like modernism, post modernism, about Foucault , Thomas Kuhn and Karl popper about tribes and their revolution about the people of this country it gave me deeper insights about caste & Dr Ambedkar and all of these were happening simultaneously with the rigors of management course.

I learnt about statistics, Labor law or organisational economics with as much as importance as I was learning the above mentioned subjects. However all said and done this is only a very small part of why I feel so lucky to be part of TISS. The first week into the institute and we had an impressive line-up of the who’s who of HR in the Industry, personality like Mr Satish Pradhan Of Tata Group, Mr Rajeev Dubey Of M&M;, Mr Adil Malia Of Essar Group, Mr Yogi Shriram of L&T; Group were those whose article I used to read in Ascent or ET and to see them in person to ask them questions and listen to their views was an experience in itself apart from them there have been so many more corporate events and guest lectures.

Most importantly it was not all work and no play for there was so much in store that our seniors had planned as part of the TISS Tradition whether it is having mentor men tee rendezvous or batch bonding trekking trip to Garbet point in Matheran or one of the coolest fresher’s party it’s the usual goodies packaged in a bombastic way. The fieldwork experience, classes in convention center, selection to committees or listening to Lord Meghnad Desai and his views on current economy , discussing food bill with economist John Dreze. There is so much to say which I will cover in the next parts as other articles. This is just the beginning and I look forward to describe all the events in details in the next parts.