A classroom is a room with a view

For four long years, it becomes your small li’l world, where you live every moment and make memories to last a lifetime. Yes, it is your classroom. It’s the place where you are taught some textbook lessons, lectured on discipline, and rebuked for a poor score in exams or late-coming and low attendance, sermonised on the dos and don’ts, punished for being the truant one and whatever that matters to make you a good pupil. All of these help you piece together the invaluable learning that is indeed a major takeaway from these days. 

It is irrelevant whether you are a first bencher or a backbencher. The fact that matters is how much you have managed to gain in the end. Marking your presence in the classes all day long, attending boring lectures wishing that you didn’t have to, yearning for a free hour, and celebrating when you get one, is a beautiful trade-off. But all said and done, these classes give a sense of purpose to your being. 

The class is like a little family in itself. It is the camaraderie that you build in the classroom helps you laugh and love all that comes your way and the support that you get from your professors in honing and perfecting your skills, and enhancing your knowledge that contributes a lot to your overall development. The spirit of friendship that you foster in the class helps you grin and bear rebukes and punishments and sail through the best and the worst days in college with ease. 

It is a mixed bag of myriad emotions: some good, some bad and others ugly. If you laughed your heart out over a joke cracked by a classmate, you must have freaked out when the teacher showed your answer sheet to the entire class. You live through all of it. 

The lectures help to develop a lot of specialties like sleeping with eyes open, or maybe pretending to work hard in cracking a problem, or better feigning sickness to escape punishment or wrath of a teacher.

The teachers play an instrumental role in building your confidence, getting rid of inhibitions and overcoming shortcomings. 

These classes not only add to academic knowledge but also help in grooming a student’s personality. They help foster teamwork, and enhance a student’s leadership and time management skills, develop his thought process and making him a much better person than what he was. So make the most of your college days. They are the best days of one’s life.