The arrest of Indian diplomat in the US, Mrs Devayani Khobragade and the insolent treatment given to her for alleged charges of visa fraud and violation of labour laws of the land is a lurid awakening for the Indians all in INDIA and in US. Though it evoked a mixed response from the US officials, India has well established its stand in backing her and its measures to elevate her to the UN mission to ensure perpetual immunity are commendable and debatable too.

The only music in the Indians voice is that ,US has flouted the agreements of the Vienna conference in mistreating a diplomat. But the USMS has justified its stand saying that it proceeded as per the directives in its book after she was signed off by the US External affairs for being a diplomat and that’s point to be debated too. While elevating the diplomat to UN mission ,why are we demanding the US to drop off charges against her in whatsoever may be the case. Are we trying to move a sort of anticipatory bail just in case she gets convicted and brush the incident under the carpet. When we could justify ouir stand in the case of the Italian marines who were confiscated and prosecuted as per the laws of our nation, we cannot dismiss the USMS treatment .But the only question arises here is what made the US external affairs to sign off the previllages of Mrs Devayani as a Diplomat and why wasn’t the Indian Embassy informed of the case prior to the arrest.

I guess India certainly has a case for Defence and hope it doesn’t end up turning the wrong stone.We need to review whether the charges are grounded and if she is culpable for her fault as the other side of the coin is a battering to India’s honour. Its unfortunate that we had to face a situation of just ,considering a benefit of doubt given to protect the nations pride for we cannot hold the bag and show the path of justice.Its time India opened its hawk eye on such incidents and ensured it selects people with a purpose rather than people for a purpose.