A Beginning to an End

A moment of sigh deep dark in night,

For the ended illusion away from sight

At starting point of plunging within,

The new allusion, some black some white.

It may be all reckoned till death,

Still every new dawn brings a new hope

Hopes don’t die, and so don’t dreams,

Whilst staying with us, tightly groped

Long back it seems, feuds were common,

Good reminisces are what now remain

Sure many moments not worth remembering,

Yet some we’d love to live again.

The new horizon hereby lays,

To break the jinx and pave the ways

No idea though, how far to go,

probably too long, or just 2 yards away

Love it or hate it, as they say it

One blows off somewhere, other ignites it

Some spark is there within to begin

afresh and again, just need to light it!