9 Skills That Will Get You Placed

Skill 4# That will get you placed

Let yourself be discovered

Some years ago, when I first started using Twitter, I came across a young man named Ashwin, who was still a student. He was very helpful online, and helped me learn some of the basics of the platform. His Twitter feed was full of interesting ideas from his classes. He seemed to have a bright, positive outlook on the world, and even though he was still getting his post-graduate degree, he was already in touch with many highly networked people on Twitter. At one point, when I wanted to make plans to visit his institute in Ahmedabad, instead of reaching out to the campus authorities, I tweeted him directly. He told me that he was busy setting up a campus day for a global mobile technology company, but he would set a visit for me soon.

It was no surprise that Ashwin was busy setting up a campus event for a company – like me, they must have come across someone who knew him, which must have led to him becoming their host on campus. That kind of exposure for him will easily convert to any number of professional opportunities once he graduates.

I’ve always been struck at how some young people are always online and connecting with so many people around the world, while others seem to get lost in the corridors of their institution. Those who are online on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and any number of other platforms are multiplying the potential opportunities that might come their way. Those who do nothing make nothing happen for themselves. Without knowing it, each is creating their own kind of karma for themselves.

Author: Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation

Source: Dr.A.D.Sood, “9 Skills That Will Get You Placed, 2011”

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