5 Useful Website An MBA Aspirants Must Visit

A lot of students navigate the web to obtain useful information abut their interest, studies, courses they wish to enroll for, career they want to pursue among and many other stuff. As an MBA aspirant, you will find useful information that will significantly help you to know more about the courses, admission and other details. An MBA student has a lot to study during his tenure in B-School. In addition there are many case studies, jargons and reference that an MBA aspirant must be well acquainted with. You can have a glance at the five useful website an MBA student must visit-

Accepted.com- This websites guides and assists students to get information about admission process, list of B-schools and their admission requirements. The website is has editors based in different continents so that a student can get information about colleges in various countries. The website also has a FAQ section, forum and blog where students can post their views and get the answers to their queries. You can get your hands on sample essays, interview feedback, important book list and other links that can guide you.

Online.wsj.com- Who does not know about the wall street journal and it is needless to mention the importance of this website for an MBA student. It is imperative for you to know about the on goings in the corporate and business world and to keep your self abreast with it; you must read information from a source like the online version of the wall street journal. In addition, you can also look out for jobs in this website by simply putting the right keywords and city or state options.

www.mbajunction.com- As an MBA student, it is important for you to know which organization has openings and which are offering internship for MBA’s. In addition, there is information available about various B-schools and career prospects after MBA. This website can enlighten you knowledge about the road ahead. The interesting thing that you will notice in this website is that hey have a quick degree finder which facilitates you to find the right institute by submitting your details like degree level, category and subject.

Pagalguy.com- This is certainly one of the best; if not the best website you can come across. This has all the important updates and information that an MBA student should know. You can find articles, jobs, survey reports, events, videos and much more that can help you. The website also has a classified section where you can advertise, buy and sell your products and services. A similar website is coolavenues.com and it is also one of the best in this domain.

About.com – This is an online encyclopedia where you can get information on any possible topic. The information provided are detailed which can enlighten you about that particular subject. And the best part is that all these information are written by expert editors who are selected based on careful scrutiny.