4 years of myCAT

tomorrow it all ends, my 4th and final cat. It began back in 2010 in my final yr of engineering when due to a spat with my friends I decided not be part of the college fest committee and prepare for the COMMON ADMISSION TEST. Main reason – redemption, may be I was not as successful as compared to my siblings in their academic pursuits. Entry to IIMs was the solution. So it began Coaching Classes, Mocks and Mocks and Mocks and finally CAT 2010 – 97.75%ile IIM Raipur convert, it was a success no doubt. But the little man inside wanted more, left the opportunity and thought why not another try and my work exp will add to the profile!! Things did not turn out as expected…Mocks, Mocks & Mocks and finally CAT 2011 – 90.XX%ile I was shattered, but did not give up home. Started to focus more on studies while at the cost my personal relations. I was becoming a machine : 12hrs office on weekdays and 6hrs of study on weekends thinking of the Golden Gates of Redemption at the IIMs that would forever change my life (BMW, Omega and what not). In reality my personal life took a tumble for the worse, relations deteriorated both with friends and fiancee. But on the verge of breaking up I somehow heroically(again the little man inside with inspiration from DDLG) managed to get things in order. This time less Mocks and more time spent with fiancee and finally CAT 2012 – 89.XX%ile, I was going down. Family & friends told me I could have chosen IIM Raipur,I was also pondering on that fact but XAT 2012 came as a surprise 98.52%ile got XLRI and SPJain calls but as luck would have it I was unable to convert those. Felt that premier bschools do not want machines who are able to solve quants, lr, di and rc. They want a complete candidate who has all the knowledge of “all” the current events going on around and also in his/her life. This time I started preparing from september giving time to all other aspects of my life. Also appeared for CMAT hoping for the elusive JBIMS but got AIR 267. Then again stated with Mocks, mocks and mocks finally now I have exhausted my quota of mocks and ready for tomorrows date with destiny. I do not know what will happen tomorrow but in these 4 years of struggle I have learnt how to manage time, how to enjoy life and last of all never to give up even its you against everybody if you feel the little man in you is right. After reading this boring summary of the last 4 years of life if you are 1% more inspired then the passage has served its purpose.

PS. There are no inference or tone based question on this passage ?