3 Important Alphabets in my Life

As like most of the engineering students, I completed my studies with flying colors and got placed in a MNC. Started the professional career as a engineer in a wholehearted way. When I completed two years of my professional life, I realized that my profile, salary are nearly the same as I joined. I realized that I deserve a high profile which could include more decision making skills than technical skills. Senior managers, Regional Heads and Executive Board members started becoming my role models. Their way of talking, dressing, way they behave, everything influenced me. The combination and permutations of all these things made me to take a tough decision. When I used the words “combination and permutations” you should have got an idea what the tough decision was. Yes you are correct. I joined the club of CAT Aspirants 2013.

It was really a tough decision to take. Because of this decision, I couldn’t buy a home or car by taking loan. If I leave the job to go for higher studies, it is difficult to repay the loan. So I couldn’t get settle down in some personal commitments. But thanks to my parents & almighty for not keeping any family responsibilities for me. Another tough challenge is having a girl friend of the same age. At the age of 25, she will be ready for marriage. But I thought about stepping ahead in the age of 25 only. Somehow convinced her for late marriage. Better I can say she got convinced. After facing all these challenges and sacrifices from my parents and girl friend, I decided to pursue my higher studies. Started preparing for CAT 2013 with the aim of getting into IIM-A. As exam neared and performance in mocks lowered my aim from IIM-A to New IIMs & BIM.

After one year of combination of hard works and smart works in office works and in CAT preparation, there came the D-day on Nov 10 2013. On the D-day, I felt it was the deciding day of my future. Yes of course, it is one of the important day in my life. I did better than my mocks. I was satisfied with my performance. Since my aim was new IIMs & BIM, I attempted very limited number of questions which will fetch 90 percentile. Even though I can try answering for some questions, I restricted myself from attempting those questions to get away from negative marking.

After a wait of 2 months, results came on Jan14 2014. I couldn’t sleep for the whole night on Jan 13. I was eagerly waiting for the results. As soon as the results released by 9.00 AM, I checked the results. The results were not up to the expected level with a low score in QA & DI section and good score in VA & LR section. I was worried about this huge difference between the sections and I felt that I don’t deserve a low score in QA & DI section. But somehow I made up my mind since I can try for BIM with the overall score and they don’t have sectional cut-offs. During my 9th standard, I got very low marks in my mathematics exam, I was worrying much for that. My parents took to me a film and dinner to change my mood. The same thing happened on the CAT results day as well. That film and dinner with my lovable parents made me to think, life is good and I started coming out from the CAT results.

After few days of the CAT results, there were many students complaining the same that there are discrepancies in the results. Scores in one section is good and scores in other section is not up to the expected level. They were complaining about the normalization method used to derive percentiles. I realized that I am also the victim of this discrepancy.

Finally I have applied to BIM Trichy and waiting to convert the call. If I convert the call, part 2 of this blog will be about my MBA. If I don’t convert it, part 2 will be of CAT 2014. CAT !! I will ace you one day definitely…!!!!!!!!

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