200 IIM Indore students take ill after food poisoning. 12 still under observation in the hospital

About 200 students of the Indian Institute of Management, Indore have fallen ill after eating food in the college mess. While many were admitted to the Choithram and Unity hospitals in Indore, as of now 12 are still there and being kept under strict observation. One student is still being treated at the school’s medical centre.

While sources say that some students are in the ICU of the hospitals, Siddharth Rastogi, Programme Chair of the IPM denied the same and told PaGaLGuY that the 12 students are in a private ward.

Most of the students who took ill are from the Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) and the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) courses.

While the exact cause of the illness is still not confirmed students say it was stale coconut chutney served with idli for breakfast on Saturday morning which caused the problems. By evening the same day, students started reporting to the medical centre with symptoms such as fever, headache, stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea and nausea.

No new case has however come to light in the last 12 hours.

Siddharth added that the worse seems to be over as of now. “There has been no case of relapse as yet and that is a sign that things are getting normal.” Siddharth added that by tomorrow morning, the students still under observation in the hospital should also be showing recovery. As for the students in the school and still ill, Siddharth says that by tomorrow evening, things should get to a better scenario.

Parents of the students have started pouring into the school since yesterday as IIMI officials have personally informed all the parents of the affected students.

PaGaLGuY had written a couple of articles earlier on how for the simple fact that b-schools are located far away from the city centre and away from quick medical care, situations like these tend to turn worse in quick time.

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