2 days to go: PaGaLGuY’s song of the day is…

With a little under 48 hoursto go for the exam, you’ll must have reached the brink of your saturation, barely getting any respite from the thoughts going through your mind. Well, if the thoughts are of a vacation after D-day, we will be more than happy to encourage you to dwell on them. But if they are pulling you down, making you feel unworthy, or like a failure, then Goli Maaro Bheje Mein. What we actually mean is shoot down those negative thoughts that are weighing you down, for like the song says, ‘Bheje ki sunega to marega Kallu‘. Stand tall, be positive, and approach the paper with a calm mind. That’s what our, ‘PaGaLGuY song of the day’ posts have been reiterating time and again.

Watch out this space for more such songs till the D-Day and stay tuned for PaGaLGuY’s live CAT updates of the exam on December 4. Leave a comment with your favourite song of the day..

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