15 signs that you are an MBA graduate

With all those oh-so-true signs and symptoms’ posts getting viraled on social media, I felt this irresistible urge to think as to what are the few typical signs which almost the entire MBA fraternity suffers from. Naturally my thought led me to get into the task of doing my bit of research, reading some behavioral psychology (if you know what that means), talking to some random MBA students, sneaking into the lifestyle of few of my friends, disturbing a couple of class toppers with my volley of stupid questions, bothering few parents (including mine), mentally bunking a class or two, tearing a couple of pages from notebook and finally locating the top fifteen signs that have been an epidemic among MBA students.

You might differ or you might agree to all of them;

1. As soon as your eyes open in the morning, you think of- “when will I get time to sleep again?”

2. Brushing or taking breakfast always come secondary. Newspaper it is.

3. Presentation is like- “What, that’s it?”

4. You forget that once upon a time, you were afraid of public speaking. Now all you do is, speak, speak and speak in public. Wanted or unwanted. You just cannot help sharing what you feel. Unfortunately, suddenly you find yourself feeling a lot as well.

5. Having to stay away from home, you and food start to be in a serious sort of relationship. Like really serious!

6. Having a tight mailbox is the most natural thing in the world. And oh look who mails you every hour of every day? Of course your oh-so-active course co-coordinator and club representatives.

7. Your family members don’t really understand which language you are speaking these days. Like really, what kind of human beings keep on interspersing sentences with words like – Intervention roll-off or dividend?

8. Once upon a time you used to think, business attire is equivalent to being a professional and how you have been craving to wear them one day! Now, you run away from it at the slightest opportunity you get.

9. Oh you love shopping and what exactly you shop the most? A4 sheets and Red Bull eh!

10. Even in your dreams you find yourself solving case studies. Multi-tasking has never been easier than this before.

11. You are hardly on time. You are always running against time or behind time.

12. No one understands the value of “last minute” more than you do.

13. What’s Day Zero? Ask anyone but an MBA graduate and they would say it is an American film on global terrorism.

14. Text books? Nay. Wikipedia? Oh Yeah!

15. Watching random movies and equally random seasons in your laptop suddenly is your new found hobby (if you are living in the college hostel).