10 things you’ll relate to only if you’re a medical student

Medical students in India are known to have crazy schedules and most of us have no clue about how they manage their days with only 24 hours in hand. Juggling between tricky schedules, trying to strike a balance between academics and a personal and social life, is not everyone’s cup of tea. PaGaLGuY recently spoke to a bunch of medical students to understand whether medical students are too busy to have a social life. Keeping in mind all this and the fact that they’re studying now, to save hundreds and thousands of lives in the future, we thought adding a little humour to medical student lives. So, here is a list of 10 things you’ll relate with only if you’re a medical student.

1.       Sleep? Wait, what’s that!?

If you’re a first-year student, then brace yourself for the next few years of staying up long nights to study. And in case you have spent a fair amount of time as a med-student, then you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that you spend your share of time here.  

2.       And even if you figure out what sleep is, your hypochondria will keep you up

Staying up all those nights is probably the reason why your medical vocabulary is oxzn point. There’s no way you’ve not diagnosed yourself multiple times, especially if you have a recurring sore throat or a splitting head-ache. You all have secretly stayed up for long enough, wondering how much time you have left in case you’re down with something deathly.

3.       If you’re not diagnosing yourself, you’re probably busy diagnosing everyone around you 

Now this isn’t just your fault, but each time you’re at a social gathering, you’d have that one uncle or aunty or even friend who would ask you to check if they’re alright.

4.       The Grey’s Anatomy text book is literally nothing like the show!

Who hasn’t watched the famous prime time show, Grey’s Anatomy. Chances are you would’ve stared medical school in hopes of working on cool cases like the cast of the show does. But sooner or later, we’re guessing you got a hang of how different and difficult getting through with Grey’s Anatomy, the textbook can be.

5.       Doesn’t matter how many times you repeat the same clothes… aprons come to the rescue every time

Not only do we know that you’re always running short of time to go buy yourself something fun as well as comfortable to wear, but we’re guessing that most medical students make peace with the fact that there is no point in spending time on what you’re wearing to class, because the apron is going to run the show any way!

6.       There’s no point in investing in perfumes either, you’re perpetually going to smell like a hospital

Body mists, deodorants, colognes or even perfumes can’t help you when after a hard day’s work, you’re left perpetually smelling like the hospital.

7.       You’re used to eating left overs… after all you’re probably the first one to leave home and the last one to walk in!

From early morning classes to late night rounds, there’s no time of the day you’ve been awake at. Leave alone power naps, sometimes, grabbing a decent meal is also a far-fetched dream, especially during the exam time. So, the left overs at home is sometimes all you must make do with.

8.       Graduation is like that distant cousin who never visits

You’ve probably realised that there’s a long way to go for your graduation. Not only will all your friends have their degrees, but chances are that a lot of them would be married with kids and you’ll still be a medical student.

9.       At this point, you have no clue why you decided to be a doctor

At those family functions and awkward school reunions, when every passing soul asks you why you took up studying medicine, you’re left dumbstruck with literally no answer. Sometimes, you really do wonder why you took this upon yourself, don’t you?

10.   Every time you’ll be found at a social event, you’re prepared to be the centre of all jokes

From the fact that you’re almost never around to the same old ‘patient said to the doctor’ jokes… we’re hoping like most viruses, you’re immune to these jokes as well.