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all the selected one have to go through GD or there might be direct PI for the ones higher in merit ???

On 16/10/2014 at SBLC panchkula AT 11.00 AM is somebody also coming ?

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  • @Charu3 sure will do. 4h.
  • Thnku :smiley:. 1s.
Aarzoo @Charu3 213

@96anandneyol21 mine is on 15th. 8:00 a.M.. Aftr ur gd pi will u guide us with the docs. Nd attestation all the process thy r following.. GD process ..Nd all. ?? 

Why an MBA Graduate Absolutely Needs to Have Data Analytics Skills to Succeed in India Inc ?

Data analytics has become the norm and every organization looking to have an edge over their competitor has begun to invest heavily in analytic tools and technologies. The advantages are many. Analytic insights not only enables companies to better profile and hence better target their customers, but it also helps better manage employees, helps make better budgets and improves operational costs. There are no areas that analytics cannot help improve. The opportunities are limitless and as the analytics industry evolves and newer, faster and more sophisticated technologies emerge, so will the demand for data savvy professionals.

Yes today India Inc has begun to seriously build up its data talent teams. But guess what? New trends are emerging which show that apart from their specialized data scientists, corporate recruiters are increasingly demanding that new recruits ( in finance, marketing, HR or Operations), showcase an understanding of popular analytics tools and techniques.

And why is this? Well organizations have begun to be highly data driven. They have begun to advocate a data culture through all layers of their organization, with the end goal of making better business decisions. They have acknowledged that for data to work effectively everyone from even mid level managers to those in the boardroom, need to understand and be comfortable with data. Across the organization management needs to be able to understand the insights that the data scientists bring to them. Only if they understand the tools and technologies that helped draw those insights, can they use them to effectively make decisions that impact their organizations profitability.

So yes, if you are a , you need to get going and pick up some analytics skills before placements. Encouragingly enough, several business schools have recognised that analytic skills are in demand and they have begun to introduce analytic courses within the regular curriculum. However often these modules skim through the popular analytics techniques and tools, giving you knowledge but little practical learning.

Let's face it. It's a tough business environment out there. The first in and the one that is the fastest has the edge. Organizations are forced to be tough on new recruits and expect them to get off the ground running. If you can come in and show that you have the practical experience to deal with data sets, you will definitely have an advantage.

So here's what you got to do. Read and research a lot. There are tons of free resources out there, ebooks, videos, analytics blogs and forums where you can connect with industry experts. Such learning goes a long way. They are also several training academies that offer short duration courses in data analytics. A good source of reference is Analytics India Magazine's list of Top 9 Analytics Training Institutes in India.

If you can pick a training course that allows you practice on real world applications of data analytics, you will be able to really pick up the skills in demand. Corporates will snatch you up and you can look forward to an exciting, challenging and fast growth career path.

  • Analytics is the process of collecting, organizing and an.... 39m.
INSOFE edu @Beyondbe 3

Analytics is the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing large sets of data to discover useful information. Today's organizations have far more data than ever before and hence analytics solutions help them to take better & faster decisions.

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Rise To Smile ..... -:)

This Thread is for the Lyrics of Any Songs, Poems, Romantic lines, ...... Sad, Inspirational, motivational lines........

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CAT 2014 Study Group in Kolkata

Hi Kol Puys, I am a B.Tech. 2012 graduate. I am currently working in TCS. I live in Newtown, near sector 5. I have jo...

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JUGAAD - Solutions that bend rules

Share links (google, dropbox, etc.) to all the material that you think might help others in their prep for management...

hi puys can you pls  upload the cl mock test for cmat the recent ones thanz in advance you guys are doing a great job 

  • i too need CL CMAT mocks. Please puys upload them. 2h.
@alishkashyap25 2

i too need CL CMAT mocks. Please puys upload them

August issue of Fortune Cookies is here. Get an update on freshers party, club activities, alumni sessions and annual Finance Conclave. Happy Reading!!

Fortune Cookies August 2014
Fortune Cookies August 2014
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Life@Unitedworld School of Business....

Unitedworld School of Business is one of the best institute which provides best education, faculties and placements. ...

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai visited Unitedworld School of Business . He gave lecture on Chanakya and his relevance to management today .

MBA degree is commonly known as Management courses and a post graduate diploma in finance (PGDF/PGDFM) are often confused to be one and the same courses but they are almost completely different in their course curriculum, duration, teaching objectives and goals.I also found one tool that help to all whos intrested to complete MBA course in India. this tool is,

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funny vidoes, funny articles and funny news

Thatscoop provides you with a good collection on funny news, funny articles, weird news, strange news and funny video...

boys vs girls

Girls Vs. Boys
Girls Vs. Boys
11 is so funny!


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  • :beers: :smoking: @shawshanks and best of luck for ur.... 5h.
  • @gotchapagal mam aapko bhi all the best :beers: :thumb.... 4h.

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Now Playing #music

often you are listening to some song and has this sudden urge to share it with others. post all such songs here. :grin:

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Teach For India Movement

*Teach For India,* a project of Teach To Lead, is a nationwide movement of outstanding college graduates and young pr...

hi all, can anyone explain what exactly happens at the assessment center? What are the rounds etc.. Thanks... 

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  • when is ur AC and which city??????. 21h.
  • @chubby_chic hi, my AC is in Delhi.. Slot yet to be confi.... 5h.
Arnab Chatterjee @LeoN88 3.3 k

It starts with a presentation, followed by GD, written exam on aptitude and sample teaching. Here the main part is sample teaching where you need to demonstrate that you have actually planned a 5 min. lesson at your home and is able to execute at AC.

meenakshi patri @meenakshisatya

@chubby_chic hi, my AC is in Delhi.. Slot yet to be confirmed.. What about urs?

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Comics and Satire

It's 5:59:59 PM! So as promised, presenting the feature we talked about - PaGaLGuY's own weekly comic strip, "Mind yo...

Who Heals the Healer?

"Doctor, I will die if I do not commit suicide", said the man reclining on the couch. He was supine and had both his hands placed straight up past his shoulders. He smelled of something horrible.

The doctor was sick of these outrageous claims and wished that for once his patients spoke the truth, so he asked, "How?" The patient perked up and sat staring straight into the psychiatrist's face, "What do you mean how? That shouldn't be the question." As soon as he sat up the horrible smell had gone, perhaps it was the armpits.

Why not? It's not an easy thing to do. The preparation itself is so killer that sometimes you feel like abandoning the plan and just killing yourself. And the suicide notes, their syntax and grammar; you have to pay respect to so many people and decide the addressee(s), that it's tiring. Someone will surely feel left out. And you just can't die without paying the bills. Have you imagined what it feels like to explain three maxed-out credit cards to your wife, only to be curtly replied to, "You just couldn't do it any other month, eh? No, you would just have to try to die now. You sure do know how to spoil a Rotary club invitation." The golf clap after that statement hurts. And even if you did execute it, have you even imagined the consequences of failure? You would be shamed and ashamed. Your wife would declare you worse than your haircut. People would take great trouble sending postcards with abandoned hangman games. Not only does it take meticulous planning, but the sheer amount of luck it requires, no sir, just one look at you and I suggest you give up this venture.

Doctor, you're really messed up.

Hmm, I know. I mean my therapist didn't exactly say so but I'm intelligent enough to gather what he meant when he said that my Chinese birth year was the lemming. We don't know the human body, even after thousands of evolutionary years it still sends mixed signals. I have back pains when I'm tense. Our body is a mystery.

Wow, you are not making any sense, you are a poet.

But I really am.

You are? Maybe some day I will listen to your poetry.

What about today?

What about that? No, it is I who should be unleashing my poetry on you, I paid for this session goddammit. You are worse than Portnoy.

Oh that's it, it's about the money then. And I thought we were opening up.

You are, I am still contemplating suicide and your session has wounded me up so much that I do not know if by jumping from a building I'll crash and die or simply bounce off like a coil. Shame on you doctor.

Our time's up. Can you make it next Thursday instead of Tuesday?

Yes, sure doctor.

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  • Wannabe poet :stuck_out_tongue: I don't seem to have .... 15 May.
  • All your articles are really remarkable.. 5h.
GypsyCab @GypsyCab 688
@tekas1234 ha, i don't think doctor's intention are benign or something..
Saket Jain @tekas1234 155
@GypsyCab : Haha.. Thought so as well. But then I argued with myself that it would have been a subtle poke in that direction. And as I am reading your articles/stories/incidents (it's really hard to classify them!), I am coming to realize that you are a master of subtlety.
GypsyCab @GypsyCab 688
@tekas1234 I have been accused of subtlety before too..although i too think that this is a worthy thing to aspire for in you write as well ?
Saket Jain @tekas1234 155
Wannabe poet
I don't seem to have the patience for prose. And absolutely a delightful trait to have (subtlety), although I tend to forego it sometimes in favor of raw passion.

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i know it's not a replacement but if SB junta want we can open a thread named Shoutbox in chit-chat section. i will m...

"Nature has gifted every lady with an uncanny power with which she can make a man rise from rags to riches and, willingly, also do the reverse."


The difference between Huawei S2700 switch and S2300 switch:

Huawei S2700 target the enterprise market, S2300 switch target at telecom market, but most function are the same, the manufacturer did this mostly for marketing reasons as the telecom market most are big customers with better discount.

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Our website:

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"Arz kiya hai"

> > Woh jab chalti hai to raahon main 100-100 ke note > bichhaa deta hoon > Woh jab chalti hai to raahon main1 00-100...

Woh waqt gujar gaya jab mujhe teri arzoo thi..

Ab tu khuda bhi ban jaaye toh main sajda na karoon !!!