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need cl mocks. unproctored 12/13/14/15...please share if anyone has any link

  • all the cat cl mocks conducted till date are here http:/.... 4h.
  • @avishjain thanks sir :smiley:. 4h.
Just waiting for the day .... 


Who uses Internet explorer here?

If Internet explorer can ask you to be your default browser, you can also ask that girl out, :stuck out tongue: Sa...


Rise To Smile ..... -:)

This Thread is for the Lyrics of Any Songs, Poems, Romantic lines, ...... Sad, Inspirational, motivational lines........

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I can't even find my other slipper and people here are hoping to find love... rolleyes

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  • hahah sahi me yr @gotchapagal :stuck_out_tongue:. 23m.
bhar jaegi ab teri kami ..mill jaega ab kuch naya B-)


Cheap Kitchens in North London

Cheap Kitchens in North London. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. www.exdisplaykitchens1.co.uk £ 595 Each with app...

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Dreams do come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. 


Whats the highest speed you've driven your car/bike at?

Hey puys... poll included... speeding if fun... but dangerous too... :P drive safe!

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My personal record... 142 kmph... it was fun!!
  • car or bike?. 1h.
MA Social Entrepreneurship 2012-14, TISS :D


Kitchen Design Lancashire Reviews

I have also read some excellent reviews about Kitchen Design Lancashire .


PoH Season V

PoH has given us friends, introspection and hope. Lets keep the spirit and step into another season. In the interest ...

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I guess no fresh posts have been made on this thread since long.

It's my turn, hence, to ask/raise a question for you all. Presuming that puys who are working and are less active on PG prefer spending time here. However the same is not too frequent (my own thinking). For instance I logged in to PG after how long even I don't remember.

So my question to you all is - "What's maximum number of days/weeks/months that you have spend without PG".

Tagging @puri.pallavi to bring this dead thread back to life. I know you can.

some 30 days from my official ID... ( was banned )

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  • @miseera :ghost:. 2h.
  • congrats :stuck out tongue:. 2h.
Memories(MUMBAI) -http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/chit-chat/shoutbox-t-83788/p-3594016/r-4694083 :) DELHI - http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/chit-chat/shoutbox-t-83788/p-3594016/r-4799320
@foadbear 1.3 k

3.5 years or close to 4 years I think. The posts that I see here made by me suggest that. last post I made in 2010. The interface has changed so much now, I want to make a PG smiley, how to do that?


"Arz kiya hai"

> > Woh jab chalti hai to raahon main 100-100 ke note > bichhaa deta hoon > Woh jab chalti hai to raahon main1 00-100...

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Compelling Reasons To Join IMI Delhi

Established in the year 1981, International Management Institute, Delhi has come a long way up the ladder to be among the Top 10 B-Schools in the country building a strong brand image in the process. IMI, Delhi has been ranked 6th by NHRD and 9th by Business Today. IMI holds the privilege of being India's first corporate sponsored business school having RPG Enterprises, Nestle, ITC, Sail, TATA Chemicals, BOC, and Williamson Magor etc. as some of its corporate sponsors. To add to its long list of laurels, it is one of only five B-schools in India, to get accreditation from the AMBA; the SAQS Accreditation by the Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA) and an accreditation from the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), India.

Padmashri Dr. Bakul Dholakia, a demigod of Economics, is the Director General at IMI and he brings with him the same motivation and guiding force, that he employed during his revolutionary stint at IIM, Ahmedabad. IMI prides itself in high number of distinguished faculty, who form a strong interdisciplinary team of qualified faculty in all specializations also maintaining a very health student to faculty ratio, which is among the best in the country. Around 20% of the courses are handled by experts from the Industry to ensure the students are updated on the recent trends and the way the industry is moving. This also gives the students extra exposure which is not found in most B schools. The students are offered upto 70 courses as electives during the programme.

IMI has a full spectrum of courses from the PGDM, PGDMHR, PGDM (Banking and Insurance), One year Executive PGDM and allied activities such as research, a sizeable presence in the consulting segment and diversified activities like Management Development programs and Industrial interactions through Business Thought Leadership programs.

Catering to its very name, IMI has various International collaborations with more than 10 International Institutes such as ESC Rennes International School of Business, France; University of Austria, Graz etc  for various students exchange programs in order to provide international exposure to the students and shaping them into 'Global Leaders for tomorrow'. The International relations at IMI, Delhi is something which is constantly being strengthened and improved upon.

Being one of the oldest B Schools in the country, IMI has a strong brand value and has a well connected Alumni base. Most of IMI's Alumni are currently in strong leadership positions at various firms. The accomplishment of the various Alumni of IMI brings a good reputation to the institute in the corporate sector.

The Internship and Corporate Immersion Programme's play a vital role in the learning curve of the students, 89 companies participated in the process to recruit students for the Summer Internships in 2013-14 with diversified profiles being offered across domains such as FMCG Marketing , Finance, Banking, Consulting, etc.

In every B school the placements play a vital role , The final placements for the 2013-14 batch was impressive with the Highest  domestic packages being around 22 l.p.a and 18 l.p.a for PGDM and PGDMHR. Around 85 companies participated in the final placements for the previous batch not including Pre-Placement Offers from companies such as Asian Paints Ltd., Capgemini, Ceat - RPG Enterprises, Hero MotoCorp and JP Morgan Chase. The Median CTC was 9.91 l.p.a for PGDM and 9.31 l.p.a for the PGDMHR program. The trend in placements has been good and expected to improve for the upcoming batches.

An MBA life is not just all about Academics, Internships and Placements. There are a host of student driven clubs and committee's which are very effective in their functioning. These clubs and committee's ensure that there is a vibrant student life outside of academics. All these coupled with the recently modernized the infrastructure makes IMI, Delhi the prime destination for prospective students.

Note: This is a sponsored article and has NOT been written by the PaGaLGuY Editorial Team. It is intended from an informational perspective only and it is up to the readers to research and verify the claims and judgements in the article before reaching a conclusion.


How just proper sleep can boost performance in any field

I am sharing something golden which will make a difference in your life and boost your performance everywhere. Before...

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I am sharing something golden which will make a difference in your life and boost your performance everywhere. Before that, thanks to everyone who shared information here because of which now i have good idea of the type and range of GA in phase 1 and syllabus of phase2.                                                                   In what activity we spend largest portion of life as compared to any other activity ? It's sleep. For what we care less is what we do most. But even after spending that much time do we understand this activity? Our body recovers during sleep , deposits information in long term memory etc. which all can search on internet easily. What i want to talk about is sleep cycle. Though you may not realize but it happens to everyone. They wake up after somewhat only 5 hrs and are quite energetic that they wonder why. On the other hand even after sleeping for 8-10 hours they feel weak and sluggish. why ? Because of sleep cycle. If you wake up in middle of cycle if will affect you. But my body wakes me up, I can't control it.  No. You wake up because of external or internal factors. External factors: noise, alarm clock etc. Internal factors: toilet? thirst? If you use alarm clock everyday, then it's not good. By making you feel sleepy your body is forcing you to sleep, to recover properly for optimum function. During school, most of us hated waking up in morning. But the real problem was incomplete sleep of around 6 hours only, instead of 7-8 hours. It's happening today too. Parents, relatives or even teachers encourage children to use alarm clock and teach them that 6 hours is enough.  " hamare zamane main to hum subah 4 baje uthte the. Kitni bhi nind aaye bistar chod do, 5 minute main sab nind chale jaati hain, chehre par paani mar lo"   haan, aap uthte honge, hame maaf karo.  Sleep is your cool down phase and very imp, it kills stress too.                                                            Now coming back to sleep cycle. There are phases in sleep cycle and 1 cycle is around 90 minutes. Keep track pf your sleep time and energy level after you wake up, for 1 month, and check for yourself.                                                           No need to worry for technical details, just follow this. Avoid eating 1-2 hours before sleeping. Don't drink too much water before sleeping, else 'ting tong, pee alarm'. Don't set alarm, your body knows better when to wake up. If you have business in morning then set up alarm, but sleep early to wake up before alarm rings. Keep alarm as a safety net in circus, which saves you only if you fall. I sleep at night only. But if you want to sleep in afternoon then in my opinion 90 minutes is good. In sleep, body balances hormone too. Less sleep increase cortisol in body (if i remember right) which make your stomach bloated. So just with good sleep you can have slightly better stomach. Also, always be hydrated. Drink 2-3 litres water daily. Do this for a month and look for yourself. Then post it here for others to look and learn. If you are reading this then you are also under pressure and stress, just like other people trying to make good future. Many applicants, less vacancies. Nothing beats stress/pressure better than proper sleep and exercise. 3 hr per week for exercise is enough. I myself put on 13 kg of clean weight in 4 and a half month with that plan, when i was beginner. I still use that plan and lift more weight than the trainer in gym                                                                                    For those who are curious about my sleep, I sleep approx 8 hours only at night. Once i sleep, I wake up only after approx 8 hours. No pee, no thirst, no ting tong ping pong, nothing but 1 solid sleep. As soon as i wake up i don't feel sluggish at all, in fact I can run in 200m race too. I rarely feel hungry or thirsty in day or night, because I always eat or drink before my body hints me. My weight doesn't increase or decrease unless I want it to. But that is calorie estimation which i will share after giving RBI phase 1. 

           Hope this helps 

  • no ting tong ping pong :smiley: glad you sleep so well. 3h.
@foadbear 1.3 k

no ting tong ping pong glad you sleep so well


How fast is your internet ?

Hello puys, I did not see any recent thread doing chit-chat on the internet speed.So, here we all will post our inter...

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Upload 52.14 MBPs

Download 14.23 Mbps

hathway broadband (fibrenet)

Dreams do come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. 


Now Playing #music

often you are listening to some song and has this sudden urge to share it with others. post all such songs here. :grin:

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volunteer required for NGO in gurgaon

Hello people. I am currently associated with a NGO which teaches underprivileged kids in gurgaon.Now we have collabor...

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hey , i have been doing this sort of work for some time as well. Please let me if i can be of any help.

email - paresha.bedi@gmail.com

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@JIMSRohini organizes a Book Exhibition on the life and works of Sadar Patel to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel from 31st October 2014 to 10th November 2014

Post queries on JIMS Rohini Sector 5's Admission Thread http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/mat-cmat-and-state-exams/jims-rohini-sector-5-pgdm-t-92012/p-3619185


Why MBA?

To start with, I love writing but have never written an open-ended note. It has always been a one-on-one. To start wi...

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Executive MBA : Why this is the Biggest Ever Decision of my life.

In about a week`s time, I`ll be moving to IIM Calcutta to pursue my one year executive MBA (PGPEX-VLM) . Looking back, it seems its the biggest ever decision that I have ever made in my life. Here is why :

1. Leaving a relatively set job and a stable career.

Ever since I graduated from college and took up a job, I`ve always have had a sense of pride in my job. Being "Employed" means a lot to me. Many of my cousins, look up to me. Many of my aunts show me as a role model for their kids. A job provides a sense of financial security. Its a social status. A sense of pride. I feel more respectable in society when I`m employed. After accumulating nearly 6 years of experience, going back to college is a very big decision.

2. The all-important Marriage during middle of a rigorous program

Well, marriage should have been the biggest ever decision that one ever makes. But, when you have found your ideal partner, it would be the most easiest decision to ever make. Thankfully, I found one with the blessings of my parents. But still, considering marriage is a big once-in-a-lifetime event, there are lot of factors that goes in. From rituals, to shopping, to marriage, to travelling, to even planning honeymoon, there is lot of ground to cover. Getting married in middle of a rigorous course is nearly unheard of. Not that its not done before, but it requires a lot of sacrifice. There were various dates that were considered for the marriage. But, it so happens that Aug 31, 2014 seems to be the most ideal date and if we skip that date, marriage wouldn`t take place for a couple of years. So, they say, Marriage is made in heaven. Probably that is true. Marriage and Marriage date is fixed in heaven without considering the rigorousness of a executive MBA program.

3. Financial security

As I was working and drawing a relatively decent salary, there was a sense of Financial security in me. Even if I come across something that I could not afford, I could always swipe my MasterCard or visa and pay it the next month. But, now that I am a part of India`s unemployment force, every penny seems to important and before I spend money, I need to think twice. On top of unemployment, a large loan of 12 lakhs rupees looms over my head. Adding fuel to the fire is my Insurance policies, Mobile bills and credit card bills.

4. Peer Pressure

Other guys in my office who are of the same age, are taking loans for car or loan to construct a new home. But, I am taking loan for education. Other guys are looking forward to settle, whereas, I`m leaving a stable career and looking to unsettle. Other guys are planning to marry and are drawing up plans on where to fly for honeymoon. I would be probably planning how to give my response on Robotics or Smart Material exam paper that is just a week after my marriage. Another fact is, during any marriage, one definite question asked by almost everyone is "What does that Guy Do?" or "Where does he work ?" In my case, to introduce me as a Student to others during marriage is unbearable. It is nothing short of a glorified insult. I`m hoping at least "Executive MBA from IIM" is the only saving grace.

5. Going back to school after 6 years

I strongly believe that age and cognitive ability is inversely proportional. Its been nearly 6 years after touching books or sitting in a classroom or taking down notes. Going to school after a long break is definitely going to take some time. All the gears of brain have practically corroded and rusted. Sitting is office meetings for one hour itself makes me yawn. I wonder if my brain still has the power to sit in a classroom and focus on the lecture without succumbing to sleep.

That being said, what is Life if there are no challenges ? After all, What is life if you know everything that`s gonna happen ? Uncertainty is what makes life interesting. So, all in all, its a big risky adventure of my life and I do believe people who take risks(may be - calculated risks) in life will be suitably rewarded. I conclude this article by a nice Chinese proverb that I came across recently -

Pearls don't lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it

About me : I`m a Manufacturing Engineer, I am Aerospace Engineer, I am Continuous learner, I am MBA aspirant. I am a Newbie Blogger. I am Arun Prasad. You could follow me and my journey on my blog - www.aroundynamics.com

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  • Could anybody help me as acdemic edge has been doing this.... 1d.

Could anybody help me as acdemic edge has been doing this 1 year MBA

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Students attended a session on e-waste management, organized by Jaagriti Club in collaboration with Chintan NGO on 28th October, 2014. After attending the session, students were seen determined to discard the electronic waste through proper channel only. 


Fortune Institute of International Business
Fortune Institute of International Business
As a part of sustainability initiative at FIIB, every year Jaagriti Club organizes E-waste Collection Drive in collaboration with Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group; wherein all faculty, staff and students are encouraged to dump their E-waste.


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FIIB Admissions: 011-47285048; admissions@fiib.edu.in http://fiib.edu.in/2-year-full-time-adm-new


Did you know you can take classes from top B-Schools (Wharton, MIT) for Free?

SlideRule has put together a Learning Path (https://www.mysliderule.com/learning-paths/mba) which replicates a regula...


Iss Dil ka Kya Karu

Iss Dil ka Kya Karu? Wondering what kind of stupid thread is this and its a chance to report me? :wink: nahh, Sorry t...

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IIM Indore to grant IGNOU degrees to IPM students, applies for deemed university status on the side

Students of the five-year IPM degree at IIM Indore would now be granted IGNOU distance learning degrees to substitute the institute's lack of degree-granting powers.

Photo: Dhairyasheel Gore

Students of the five-year Integrated Management Programme (IPM) at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore would now get a distance learning Bachelor's degree from the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) for the first three years of their course.

Additionally, IIM Indore has applied for 'deemed university' status to the Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry, making it the first IIM to do so. Becoming a deemed university would make the institute eligible to hand out Bachelor's degrees to the IPM students under its own banner. Sources at IIM Indore told PaGaLGuY that the institute had applied for deemed university status in November, 2011 itself, had initiated a dialogue with HRD Minister Kapil Sibal and was awaiting a response.

Launched in 2011, the IPM is the first foray of an IIM into undergraduation. The five-year course admits students directly after school and imparts them three years of undergraduate education followed by a two-year post graduate diploma in management. The course had gotten on to a rough start with concerns that students would be left without a formal bachelor's or master's degree at the end of it.

On the side, IIM Indore has forged an affiliation with IGNOU to impart distance learning degrees to IPM students as a fallback option. A first-year IPM student who did not wish to be named confirmed to PaGaLGuY that the students had already filled out IGNOU forms provided by the IIM last week. The students have been communicated that the on-the-side degree from IGNOU would cost them Rs 1,600 per semester, adding up to a total of Rs 9,600 for the entire three years. They were asked to choose the course they would like to pursue and out of the wide variety, most in the debut IPM batch picked BCom (Hons), BCA and BBA. IGNOU officials have told the students that they will provide course material in the form of books or CDs. At the end of five years, IPM students would have a Bachelor's degree from IGNOU and a two-year post-graduate diploma from IIM Indore. The students are awaiting further details to come by the end of this week.

Officials from the IGNOU learning centre at Indore delivered a presentation to the IPM students explaining how things would exactly work. "IGNOU has a centre in Indore where they generally hold weekend classes. If we want, we can attend the classes. Otherwise, we have been assured by our professors at IIM that they will help us deal with the additional workload. The IIM authorities have also said that they will make sure our IPM exams do not coincide with the IGNOU exams that are generally held twice a year in January and June, an IPM student told PaGalGuY.

Aware that IIM Indore had applied for deemed university status, IPM students said that they were relieved that this step had been taken. It would be great if the institute gets university status. However, till the time it happens, the absence of a degree at the end of the course was the one dark cloud that was hanging over our heads. The affiliation with IGNOU has solved that problem now, the first-year IPM student said.

IIM Indore had also been working on a collaboration with a foreign university or one with an Indian government university to grant degrees to IPM students. The institute has touched base with Delhi University and Mumbai University for this purpose and had received a positive response, but there had been no progress beyond that point, informed a source at IIM Indore.

Despite repeated attempts, IIM Indore's director or the person in-charge of IPM were unavailable for comment.

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  • This course is going to be a hit.. technical glitches wil.... 21 Feb '12.
  • @nerd0422 IIM is one of the top B-Schools in india .. it .... 11 Oct '12.
Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di... 8)
Someshwar Marepalli @smarep 1.3 k
I dont understand why IIM's are so quick to implement some initiatives which they haven't thought of carefully and with absolutely no backup plans whatsoever !! Case in point, 1) CAT 2009 2) IPM !! I have read a lot of comments on branding etc, but jut because you have a brand doesn't mean you can do anything !! IIM Indore is not even in the top B-Schools in the country, why are they concentrating their efforts on this program ! This is a classic example of brand dilution which will eventually affect its existing "brand" of PGP
@nerd0422 22
@someshwar "IIM Indore is not even in the top B-Schools in the country" and "This is a classic example of brand dilution which will eventually affect its existing brand of PGP".....please explain cant stop laughing at you kid
Here are the only concerns for any School in India 1) Knowledge 2) Employability KNOWLEDGE will be tackled because of the nature of the course structure. The IPM initiative is a very well thought of and a bold step. Employability will be tackled because employability primarily depends on a) Student Intake Quality b) Professorship Quality c) Course Content Quality Student Intake Quality: will be more than brilliant. You know it and I know it and everybody else in this platform knows it because its IIM Indore. Parents want to secure their Kids future. Kids want to go to an IIM. Problem solved. Everyone wants safety fast. (PS: I know career toppers who were talking about this since they are in 11th and continued to be top in 12th. Just an example. Professorship Quality: Some of the faculty can be the same as the full-Time faculty at IIM Indore itself. The rest can be brought over from nearby cities on a need basis, which already happens for the pgdm program. Course Content Quality: The course structure seems to be really nice. India needs these kinds of courses to have wholesome people who actually know more about the world around them and are not crabs of the hermit kingdom, to put it euphemistically. So the final evaluation criteria is Recruitment, which is dependent upon the fact that its an Old IIM with a Huge Alumni Base, Recruiters will like double II's in India even if they produce shit tomorrow and college has enough contacts one way or the other. Also, if you have ever been in a good enough B-School then you know how placecoms and even company side recruitment systems work. These guys would get employed handsomely. No two ways about it. Thus, if we take Employability as the principal evaluator of the IIM-Indore's 5 year integrated degree, then we have an absolute winner. As an Aside| @nerd0422: Someshwar has some valid (& factual points). The B-Schools and B-Schooling in India will be completely different ball game come 2012-15. Everything changes, Everything. The top 15-20 B-schools, including the top 10, aren't run as smoothly as people think they do. You need to be in one of them, have a lot of friends all across, visit their campuses enough and talk to alums to figure out things. PS: The real test can be if these guys are MANDATORILY made to take CAT and be evaluated after their bachelors with their other peers fighting for seats for the PGDM degree. Not for the sake of seats which they already own but to prove, once and for all, that the Profiling is better than Pure Percentiling.
Someshwar Marepalli @smarep 1.3 k
@nerd0422 : So is IIM Indore in the list of top 5 B-Schools in India ???
Dibya Maharana @aybidsibun 4
This course is going to be a hit.. technical glitches will be sorted out in near future..
Sandeep Ganapa @gansan
@nerd0422 IIM is one of the top B-Schools in india .. it may not be in top 5 but it always ranks around 8 ... and more over the intake of students is more compared to other IIM's and hence average salary goes down,so does the the rank as placements play a major role in determining the rank of IIM's.