XLRI Leadership Expedition

As quoted by many practitioners, leadership develops in the field and not in the classroom. This is the philosophy also taken up by XLRI. They have now designed a XLRI Leadership Expedition (XLE) , first of its kind in India. The objective of the XLRI Leadership Expedition is to aid in developing leadership traits amongst the participants. The Expedition takes up leadership aimed at the individual level as well as at the society. At the individual level, the expedition aims to develop the following

1. Strength of character (by exposing the participants to extreme hardships)

2. Ability of the individual to plan and execute under uncertain environment, taking decisions which affect the team (Through rotational leadership and experience sharing)

3. Motivate others at during crisis (by linking individual success to the team’s success)

The other aspect of Leadership is to influence the society. In order to address this, all XLRI Leadership Expedition members will take up a cause where students of XLRI will contribute towards a relevant social/ environmental issue.

This year the Expedition team will be going to Mount Everest Base Camp. To fulfill its objective of influencing the society, it has partnered with CARE to spread AIDS awareness among the youth. Several lectures and field visits have been conducted in the City of Jamshedpur on this program of AIDS awareness, where students have interacted with youth and trucker communities.

To further this program , they have organised an online Quiz. The objective is that the students will be able to learn more about AIDS when they try to find the answers for the quiz. Quiz will be open from 28th February. 21.00 hrs to 1st March 12.00 hrs.

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