What is Love?

Sorry for the cover image. It is the first thing that pops into my head!

There has been plenty said about Love. It is the most oft discussed matter in the world, so naturally, everybody has their opinion, and interpretation of it. I present my inferences, as of now. They are open to alterations, and influence; both by experience, and opinions of others too. Because that is what Love is; It’s abstract.

I can find of no better word to describe Love, than trance. Love is like being in a trance. Your general personality, your apprehensions, your likes, dislikes, your preferences; nothing applies. It is like a bubble that has grasped you. And you know what I am talking about.

You fail to find flaw in your beloved. Even if you do, it is too indiscernible. And everything seems so, so lovely! (Those are the hormones talking, by the way!). I may even go as far as describing this phase as being on a morphine drip. When it ends, the pain starts…

Some may argue that I just talked about infatuation. Well, i am of the school of thought that Love is not monochrome. It can be of several kinds. Infatuation is just an early expiry date type of love.

Love can be intense, it can be gentle. It can be passive, it can be sensual. It can be pure, it can be malicious. But one thing is certain, nobody is free from the influence of Love.

I like to believe I am maturing as a person (I don’t care if you found G.I.Joes in by bedroom. I will believe what I like to believe!). And so are my views on love. I have made countless follies in the name of love. I have been selfish, deceiving, over-enthusiastic, maligning and ruthlessly possessive. But I have made peace. Mistakes are fine, as long as they are never repeated again.

Some experiences did throw me off, and make me want to renounce love. But I came around to understand. Nobody can stay away from love. You may accomplish something worthwhile, or you may get thrown off a cliff. But the ride is sure worth it!

One more thing I have started believing in is: not to over-think it. It tends to mar the present experience. So I am just moving with the flow, not worrying where things are going. The universe has a way of working things out. And Love is not about ending up with each other. Like I said, there are many kinds of love.

‘Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. – Alfred, Lord Tennyson