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SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam

The Staff Selection Commission, abbreviated as SSC, is a government organisation established to conduct recruitment into various departments of the government. The SSC conducts relevant examinations and interviews for eligible candidates. One of the regularly conducted exam by the Staff Selection Commission is that of SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) exam. This exam is conducted to fill in vacancies of various Non-Gazetted posts.


Stages of SSC CGL Examination –

• Tier I : Preliminary paper

This paper involves multiple choice type questions and is a computer based examination.

• Tier II : Main Exam

This paper also involves mostly of multiple choice questions or very short answers.

• Tier III : Descriptive Paper

Candidates are required to show their writing skills through essays, applications, passages and letters. 

• Tier IV : Skill Tests

This stage involves data entry tests, computer proficiency tests, etc.


Preparing for SSC CGL Examination –

1. Make sure to choose the correct books for preparing.

2. Refer to previous year’s question papers.

3. Give regular mock tests for practicing.

4. One should be updated with the news and have a general awareness about the society.


Admit Card for various tiers –

The following are the dates/month of admit card release for SSC CGL 2019 exam according to the different tiers –

• Tier I – May, 2019

• Tier II – 30th August, 2019

• Tier III – Yet to be released

• Tier IV – Yet to be released


Other important details –

• Marks for tier II exam uploaded – 7th November to 6th December, 2019

• Number of Vacancies – More than 9000 (tentatively)

• Number of Candidates Registering every year – 30 lakh (approximately)


Candidates can check the Official Website –


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SSC CGL 2018 Tier 1 Exam: Notification, Admit Card and Result

2017 ..20,000 vacancy ...SSSS karo .bhayion

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ssc 2017 expected vaccancy?

A train approaches a tunnel AB. Inside the tunnel is a cat located at a point that is 2/5th of the distance AB measured from the entrance A. When the train whistles the cat runs. If the cat moves to the entrance of the tunnel, A, the train catches the cat exactly at the entrance. If the cat moves to the exit, B, the train catches the cat at exactly the exit. The speed of the train is greater than the speed of the cat by what order?

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Friends This Thread Has Been Created To Avoid Negativity Which Creeps In After Mains Every Year ..And Due To One Bad Experience Of Mains The Aspirants Turn To Banking Or Any Other Exam...Friends This Is Not The Right Way.....One Should Not Get Demoralized Else One Should Get Motivated To Perform Well The Next Year...By Now You All Have Realised The Mistakes You Have Committed And Should Work Upon Them So That The Mistakes Don't Get Repeated Again...Patience And Perseverance Are The Key Determinants In One's Success.....All The Very Best Friends For The New Journey And Wish You All The Luck 👍👍

 QuickTip #1 Shortcut method to find square of any 2 digit number faster.Practice this with atleast 5 numbers each and you'll be a step ahead. 

 QuickTip #2 Faster way to multiply two 2 digits Numbers. Practice more and more and be a step ahead of the competition. 

Aa gaye hum bhi tumhari mehfil mai... 😄 

 im new comer for ssc cgl 2017,i started my prepartion from today only 

Q 77


Greetings Aspirants.

#TrickOfTheDay. If A takes x days more than A and B together, and B takes y days more than A and B together, then A and B together take Root (X*Y) days.

Be Quicker and more accurate with SSC Mantra. Stay Tuned.

Greetings Aspirants.


 Difference b/w Adjectives of Quantity and Numeral Adjectives.

*Adjectives of Quantity - Tells you how much in Quantity but when it can not/was not/will not be counted in numbers. ( Some, Little, Much, Enough, Great, Half, Sufficient, etc.)

Ex : I have little faith in him. I did much practice for the Test. Etc.

*Numeral Adjectives - Tells you how many. That is, Quantity when it can be/was/will be counted in numbers. ( few, each, most, many, no, several etc.)

Ex : How many times I have told you not to call. Most Questions are in this book. Etc. 

  Is Kiran's General Awareness (Chapterwise 8350+) errorless? If anyone have completed this book please do comment.

Suggest an institute for cgl online coachin. Thanks

Bhaiyo gk ke lie ncerts padhni chahiye? Ya sidha lucent/kiran/some other source se karre ho.

Do it, puys .

We scored as many goals as _____ --> them. Can you sing as well as ____? --> they. You know that as well as ____ --> I . We are not as poor as ___ --> they. Rama is as old as ____ --> I . Can somebody explain the use of pronouns with a reason