Department of Financial Studies(DFS), University of Delhi, MBA(Finance){Erstwhile MFC} Official-[2022-24]

This is the Official Group for DFS , DU , managed by the Public Relations Team .

Admissions Notice : MBA (Finance) - Academic Session 2022-24.The Department of Financial Studies (DFS), under the prestigious Delhi University, has been an institution of learning for students who aspire to enhance their managerial efficacy in the field of finance. For the past three decades DFS has been providing the industry with competent, proficient and dedicated finance professionals who have honed their skills through a full-time two-year MBA (Finance) Programme.The MBA (F) Programme seeks to cultivate its scholars about conceptual and analytical skills of financial decision making. The students are provided with inputs in the areas of managerial decision-making such as Managerial Economics, Financial Accounting, Corporate Law etc., as well as in different areas of finance such as Financial Management, Financial Services, International Finance ,Investment Management, Project Appraisal etc

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Gen non-eng candidate

Cat score: Oa: 93.7%, varc: 97.8, quant: 92, dilr: 59.1
Am I eligible? Should I apply?

Meeting Link:Launch Meeting - Zoom


Yes you should apply

Obc male cutoff for DFS ? Cat : 85
Can I apply ??


Gen Eng Female (Fresher)
CAT OA - 89.6
VARC - 94.26
DILR - 49.3
QA - 91.26
10/12/Grads - 10cgpa/78.4/84
Will I be able to get a call if I apply? If yes, then what are the chances of conversion?

its very unlikely

I am EWS Male overall CAT 81percentile(93, 20, 86) Sectionals. Shall I apply? 10th:-88, 12th:-95(Maths), 92(top four)? Will 20 percentile in DILR deter my chances?

CAT - 91.25%ile
VA/LR/Quant - 75.87/94.07/90.6
Gen female non-engg (Eco Hons Grad)
Fresher (2021 Graduate)
Should I apply for DFS?

Can anyone explain please cut off for EWS?? As I need to decide apply or not

Hi GEM - EWS candidate with CAT OA 90.81 (78/84/92) with almost 3 years of work ex. Can I expect a call from DFS?

What are the placements for freshers like? Also, if you could shed some light on summer internship.

Hi there,
GEM- 15 months workex
CAT - OA -96.18.
Any realistic chances of converting?

You can check the placement report on the website. A good portion of batch is freshers so no need to worry.

We can’t predict anything.

The WhatsApp link is not working

CLASS 10 - 10 CGPA
CLASS 12 - 96.8
Graduation -87
Cat - 87.17

Any chances to Directly convert for MBA FINANCE .
Like last year , if pi and gd doesn’t happen this time

Updated WhatsApp group link: