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IIFT 2019 Admission Process –

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IIFT 2019 Admission Process


Congratulations on clearing the first step of the admission process for one of the top B – Schools in the country. This group, handled by the Media Committee of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi & Kolkata will serve as a discussion forum for the subsequent process. Request you all to keep following the page for more content. Hope to see you on the other side of the finish line.

BY when do we find out our interview dates?

Is the IIFT scorecard out for us to download?

Kindly join this facebook group for GD-PI prep content, by Media Committee of IIFT


Total seats in iift kakinadu?

Will the scorecard be released today? And did the admissions team start sending the mails to the shortlisted?

Will the interview be held at Delhi in January or February ?.Need to plan as per that

Any idea as to what will be the approx dates for the interview?

Have all the shortlisted received emails ? I have not yet received !

Have all the shortlisted received email ?

  • No
  • Yes

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Can somebody please send the link where I can check the weightage of marks, gdpi etc?


Evening aspirants!
The CV form has been released and we are sure you will have questions! To resolve them, we are conducting a webinar for all your queries on the admission process and life at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi & Kolkata with our hosts, Sagar Venkateshwar and Alabhya Mudgil.

Queries are to be written on the comments. We will be answering them verbally or as a reply to the comments.

Webinar link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKOuZYWSfh0

We start in five minutes!


Regarding extracurricular and awards in CV form

I have extracurriculars and awards in professional field. But there is no option in "LEVEL field" for the same.

Could you please clarify what needs to be done in such a case???

@KhannaRaghav my name is there on the shortlist, but I haven't received a mail yet. What should I do?

I am currently working in a company. What should the end date be in that case?

IIFT -98%le Delhi how difficult is it to convert ?

  • With exceptional GD/PI
  • With average GD/PI
  • Very tough

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There is no level available to select awards and achievements recieved at the office. What is to be done?

I was going through the sections of the interview form to note down the questions. However just after I scrolled through the last section, I got a dialog box message stating that 'Your form is complete'. I did not add any details to the form, and the portal states that form has been submitted. Admins please guide me on how to fill up the interview form now. @thumbsup2020 @Venkat2020

@Venkat2020 @thumbsup2020 My GDPI centre is not getting displayed on the form anymore. Do I need to reselect the centre through change of centre request or will it be updated on its own?

While filling the CV form, is anyone else facing the same problem in Section C first question: Describe how you organize yourself for a typical day.  
(If you are not able to see the filled details in this box, please close and  login again.)

 I am not able to see the filled details even after loggin in again and again. Any response on this would be helpful