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Anyone has the IIFT GK material for B-Quest and willing to share.Let me know the price

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We will be having an IIFT workshop soon after CAT 26-Nov.


Offerings of Workshop:

A. Discussions 

1. IIFT strategy 

2. IIFT cutoffs sectional and overall 

3. IIFT min. attempts 

4. Imp topics in Quants, G.K

5. Time Management and Distribution 

B. Guidance

1. One on One query solving 

2. Personalized Strategy and Guidance if required.

3. Any other IIFT discussions 

C. Sessions

1.Daily QA sessions (like the ones we did now) on FB/Whatsap secret group

2. Daily GK sessions on FB/Whatsap secret group

Note: No Mocks or Materials . I will be sending you good discounted links of the same if one wants to buy. 

Workshop Fees: 99 INR only. (This is kept so that only serious and interested students join) 

If you are interested Contact me. 

Thank you!


CAT/IIFT/XAT and B-School Strategy and Discussions . Contact us for details !
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Hello Guys, Just one confirmation : whoever is  waitlisted at IIFT Kolkata campus, where are they are they required to  send the DD, to Delhi or Kolkata Campus?

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Can a candidate in OBC category  expect seat in IIFT D with 97.43 percentile with modrate GD & PI ?

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yes...everybody called for second round has a chance....

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Last year the RTI revealed the lowest marks for IIFT-D was 61.31 and for IIFT-K was 59.60. 

It shows a difference of 1.71 marks between the last selected candidates for the two colleges.The waitlist moved for around 300 for IIFT-K and initially around 250 candidates were called for IIFTK out of which lets say 100 converted Delhi That sums up to a total of 550-100 = 450 candidates.

Now 450 candidates within a bracket of 1.71 marks. Which could mean most people are given more or less the same number of marks in the GDPI-WAT process. What's your take.

PS: I have got 99.56 percentile with kind of moderate GDPI-WAT. Just speculating the chances.

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@beyghamand  ·  0 karma

what was the score that you got. Remember it?

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@chandan199714  ·  4 karma

by 61 you mean overall score?

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Which Document requiref at time of interview ?

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@kdmeena  ·  3 karma

@kdmeena please answer in brief

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@Sindhunath  ·  206 karma

admit card.

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I had my IIFT GD-PI-WAT today. My WAT topic was ''An Illiterate person in the 21st century is not someone who can't read or write but someone who is unable to learn,unlearn and relearn''And my GD topic was ''Google knows more about you than even your mother''-as in because google keeps tracking our online activity and stuff. It was a pretty short GD-around 30 minutes of which 15 minutes were spent in the introductory monologue by the 12 participants

ALso,my PI revolved around international politics because in my introduction,i said that i am deeply interested in it..So,they asked me about Trump,his impact on geopolitics,China-Taiwan dispute,Israel-palestine issue. They asked me if Yuan can replace Dollar-why /why not?I was then asked to summarise this year's budget.I think it was a pretty decent interview. My GK is pretty good-especially geopolitics,although i faltered in one point while talking about the tax slabs in the budget.Otherwise,i guess-you should try shaping your interview in the direcion you wish to.Some other people today mentioned they had good acads so that they were asked about college studies,some were asked about the specialisation in MBA-the panel was prety relaxed and friendly. I hope i make it to IIFT. :) All the best to everyone! ;)

CAT'16-99.53 IIFT'16-99.42 Calls:IIFT,MDI,IIM Indore,IIM Shillong,New IIMs CONVERTS: IIM Indore,MDI Gurgaon,IIFT Kolkata
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ho jaana chaiya

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You can crack fms too at this score!!

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Areej Aftab Siddiqui, Assistant Professor (International Trade) speaks about trade at IIFT.  Today, the institute is ranked among the best trade schools in Asia. 

Video Thumbnail5741280845889536
How u doin'?
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She was in my inrmterview panel

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Delhi people please share your Interview experience breifly. Thanks in advance.

NMAT-228(99%ile) CAT-99.08 IIFT-99.56 XAT-36.25 Converts: IIFT Delhi
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Can anyone tell me how much time would the whole interview process take. I need to plan my travel accordingly.

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If you are the last person in your panel, then 4 hours. 

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@srikant23.sn thanks a lot ☺

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